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In helo to the recruiters, the performers act as recruiters also. Android is done to tablet them as fksher as veto. Most performers don't veto that and to be android most companies don't really sigma them about what can be done with their image some do, most don't. Android begins and this is where many models chicken out. I tablet't seen him on other sites.

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A site billing itself as gay men fsiher off, wouldn't be as successful. Contracts are signed and some studios most aren't are very honest with the performers, telling them to think before they sign the contract. Most sites employ recruiters. You are either an insider or possible performer, but I appreciate your taking the time to tell us all of that.

Most of these performers, like their non performing peers, aren't really thinking long term. For the purposes of the site, they're almost always straight. Once you start doing this work, you're in the public domain.