Colt Single Action Vintage Grips

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Factory engraved by Wilbur Glahn. This is a Frontier Six Shooter. Technically this is a carbine since the true Buntlines were in a Made in in. Bore is good to very good with strong rifling and light corrosion in the grooves. Grips are near excellent The gun letter, as seen, and letters as. Metal is nice and sharp with a dark grayish patina.

Compare Colt Single Action Rimfire. This gun has a smooth brown patina throughout the metal. There has been restoration on this gun, including the barrel being lengthened after it actioj The barrel was shortened at some time. Wilson No factory records are available on this vintage of Colt SAA as the actoin Colt single action vintage grips the record book. The top of the revolver barrel is roll-stamped: The left side of the barrel is roll-stamped: The left side of the frame has the Colt two-date in two-line patent makings followed by the Rampant Colt trademark. The markings are contained in panels created by the engraved scrollwork.

All of the serial numbers match. The engraving is crisp and deep. The pearl grips are in excellent condition with a couple of imperfections on the right panel and light handling marks. Solid, one piece walnut grips, cut exactly like the originals, sharp or round spacer, not glued or pinned together. Fitted to your gun, sanded across metal Add for piano finish.

Colt Single Action Scout Revolver

Standard finish is low gloss varnish. Gripa a weld is rolled over or struck without annealing, it usually axtion the die. You will be charged for the replacement of the die if this happens! Frontier Six Shooter, two styles Die makers are in my area and work closely with me to insure the most accurate and sharp work available. Call and we can discuss your project. PARTS Barrels, new manufacture, duplicate old originals in every respect, including "skinny" rifling, the finest available or your money back.