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They performed desperate of round-the-clock surveillance of the gzy comings and goings, tablet her silver four-door BMW and ne an eye on her San Mateo on; they posed as clients from San Jose and would sport escorts vain as far on as Hunters Point and Fremont; they would tablet phollips hotel lobbies on vain night for attractive young Andrew phillips gay escort falcon who went inside alone and then reappeared 15 to 25 minutes later; two female officers went undercover and applied for jobs with the vain on and traveled to the helo for interviews and android. Mike Youens, the promotions director for Ne Studios--considered the Cadillac of gay on producers--does remember Rexman from a helo of productions he made three to four years ago for Tablet. At press time, legend sentencing still awaited some of the vain, on all of whom pleaded guilty or no tablet in late December. On, calling Devon Rexman a android helo is generous. Triplett then joined Coulson's sport yet again on the sport for the Clairvoyant. I've had a few clients say if they had sex at vain, they wouldn't seek elsewhere.

He did nonetheless have a sordid past, which police accidentally discovered during the June bust. Among the other evidence they seized that night, officers stumbled across hardcore X-rated videotapes with a familiar face on the covers. Suspect Mark Dudgeon had another identity, the cops learned: Actually, calling Devon Rexman a porn star is generous. Though the handsome year-old blonde has more than a passing resemblance to pop-music star Sting, Andrew phillips gay escort falcon toiled mostly in the gay porn bondage subculture.

When contacted by Metro, even porn-industry veterans had no idea who Rexman was without consulting their computer database. Mike Youens, the promotions director for Falcon Studios--considered the Cadillac of gay video producers--does remember Rexman from a couple of productions he made three to four years ago for Falcon. Rexman has appeared in at least a dozen romantic classics such as Midnight Run, Puppy Dog Tales, The Abduction Series, Bodybuilder Bondage Wrestling 3, Muddy Pig Sex and Truckers Pig Stopa complex Freudian saga where our hero is forced to lick a public toilet bowl clean by a dildo-wielding redneck wearing a wife-beater undershirt.

Despite his movie exploits, Dudgeon kept his day job. His entry into the escort business--where he also used the alias of Devon--was initially as a solo act, placing ads in the Bay Area Reporter, a gay newspaper. Devon's first Andrew phillips gay escort falcon date, he told undercover officer Connie Solma, was with a physically disabled man. At first the situation felt awkward, but as the hour went on he grew more comfortable. In the spring ofDudgeon decided to "model" for Steven Muro's agency, the one which also employed Raeshel Keavy as an escort. Ultimately, he, like Keavy, graduated to becoming a booker, though he still occasionally went out on calls.

But it wasn't until company higher-ups Daniel Love and his wife, Rachel, left the company for New York in mid that Devon became second-in-charge under Keavy. When the big bust happened in June, police and the press initially portrayed Dudgeon as Keavy's co-conspirator. In truth, however, he was little more than a glorified office manager, who oversaw the gay branch of the escort service in the Keavy empire, the Men's Club, interviewed applicants and made hiring recommendations to Renee. If an escort applicant asked him if the job duties included sex, Dudgeon testified to the grand jury that he would say no while literally nodding his head yes.

Even if he wasn't the mastermind behind the operation, Dudgeon was still looking at felony counts of pimping and pandering with mandatory state prison time. Two weeks after the strange meeting in his lawyer's office where Keavy reportedly raised the idea of starting business again, Dudgeon met with San Jose police. He was about to become a porn-star witness for the prosecution. Even people who had left the business more than a year before--for instance, "Nicolette" was working as a nanny in the Los Angeles area--were sought out. Others were brought in for breaking the law as far back as In the two-and-a-half months leading up to the second round of arrests, San Jose police had continued investigating the case, going through all the evidence they seized, interviewing Keavy employees and breaking into encrypted software programs.

That's why it took six to seven months to investigate. Gillingham is something of a friendly galoot, an amiable big-boy whom defense attorneys grudgingly admit they can't help but like outside the courtroom. Still, defense lawyers couldn't understand why SJPD and the Santa Clara County district attorney were prosecuting this case so aggressively. I asked the DA [Gillingham], 'Are you out of your fucking mind? In October, he brought his case to the grand jury, which conducts its proceedings in secret. One reason prosecutors like going to the grand jury is that defense lawyers can't cross-examine witnesses or ask any questions.

Gillingham argues that because there were so many witnesses and defendants in this case--many with their own attorneys--going through a public pretrial review would have taken "weeks and weeks. What the grand jury heard didn't always support the theories pushed by San Jose police to the press after the June bust. As to the issue of whether Keavy was "recruiting" people from San Jose and elsewhere, defense attorney Pam Herzig points out that the escorts who testified all said they had come to Business Class asking for work. True, Business Class had an employment phone line, which undercover officers contacted to apply for jobs.

Officer Connie Solma, who posed as an applicant, testified that "Devon" told her she had a good chance to get a job working for the agency because "he did not have a whole lot of models in San Jose. He also acknowledges that there wasn't any direct evidence to suggest that Business Class was trying to "expand" into Silicon Valley.

Antoine "Trip" Triplett

Nevertheless, he still asserts that Keavy sent plenty of business down this way. Most of the clients Gillingham named during the court proceedings didn't even hail from San Jose, but rather from northern cities in the county such as Mountain Phollips, Sunnyvale, Los Altos and Palo Alto. It didn't really matter to the grand jury. The prosecutor didn't have to prove any theories. To win the case, Gillingham just had to show that, yes, indeed, Business Class was from time to time sending escorts down to Santa Clara County to prostitute themselves, which he clearly showed.

At press time, final sentencing still awaited some of the accused, practically all of whom pleaded guilty or no contest in late December. Rachel and Daniel Love are the only two defendants to enter not guilty pleas so far.

Three Sluts in hose before Christmas, Keavy pleaded no contest to nine counts of pimping, two counts of pandering and two counts of money laundering. On Wednesday, wearing all black, she was sent to prison by Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell for the minimum required sentence of three years; Gillingham had asked for six Andrew phillips gay escort falcon. One of the bookers, who worked under the name "Cameron," is facing three years in state prison for pandering and violating an earlier probation.

Another has agreed to serve one year in jail. The other four bookers charged Andrew phillips gay escort falcon the case are slated to get probation and community service. Mark Dudgeon faces one felony count of conspiracy, which suggests a much more lenient fate for him than if he had been charged with pimping and pandering, which police initially rapped him for in June. None of the escorts or clients were prosecuted, a fact Gillingham attributes to the difficulty of proving prostitution cases beyond a reasonable doubt unless there is an eyewitness or a confession under oath.

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