1997 Ford Escort Radio Wont Work

Once you have pulled the tablet from the veto, lay it against your tablet, or what I used, a t-shirt. The more tablet your Escort has, the more fuses it has. They won't come apart and to me, they are alot more flexiable than tablet and heat shrink. The ne is pretty straight forward and you can use the same screws the factory used.

Go to the bottom side of the driver's area frd 1997 ford escort radio wont work to your right. Fore should see a "round gear" looking cable. Just push the white buttom marked and it should seperate from the car very easily. Now, radko you purchased the head unit from Crutchfield, you should have received with your install kit some "U" shaped keys. These are designed to take out the factory unit. Slightly "squeeze" the the keys to fit the holes on each side of the factory radio. You should hear them "click" when you instert them and they will stop. Once they are secured in the radio, slowly but firmly pull the factory unit out. It would be a good idea to place a towel, blanket or t-shirt over your shifter to protect it from scratches.

Once you have pulled the radio from the dash, lay it against your towel, or what I used, a t-shirt. Carefully remove the connectors from the back of the radio.

Rsdio connectors on the right side control climate controls and other vacuum connections. The connectors on the left are for wofk power, ground and speaker connections. My instructions from Crutchfield's kit say that I might have to cut away some of the dash to make the new face plate fit if the car never had a aftermarket radio installed. I didn't have to cut anything away to get my new radio in and this car has never had an aftermarket radio in it before.

my ford escort 97 wont go into reverse

So see how the plate fits and if needed you might need to trim where the instructions state. After you have done that, it might be a good idea to do this next step on a workbench or table. You will need a Torx T screwdriver to remove the factory rscort to remove the controls from the back of the factory unit. Some drilling needs to be done to connect the factory climate controls to your new face panel. The layout is pretty 1997 ford escort radio wont work forward and you can use the same screws the factory used. Even then, 9197 rubbed because it was still slightly worl center, but better than out of the box. At least this knob was better centered than the left one. The third selector has a beige square connector about 5cm square that is supposed to snap in place using a guide pin and two locking prongs on either side.

Despite trying to modify the mounting hole, the second prong never did secure properly. By this time, the stereo itself and the controls are mounted to the kit and it's ready do go into the dash. The poor tolerances that went into manufacture now decide to pair up with poor design choices, namely the mounting of the white plastic wings for the mount clips using super glue. You have two metal screws to secure the clips to the wings, but use super glue to affix them to the product? Since they had poor measurements and tolerances, neither side would secure. The left side wouldn't because the driver's side white plastic wing broke off -- the glue failed entirely.

I can super glue it back, but I'm going to buy a better kit instead. With a failed gluing between those two surfaces, I doubt that re-gluing will provide any better results. So the word-or-less summary is that this is a cheaply-made flimsy crap kit.