Wide Load Trucking Escort Service

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The Average Salary of Wide-Load Escorts

These surveys are important to keep roadways safe for all drivers and the hrucking. Make road travel safer for the oversize load driver and all motorists on the road Prevent damage to the roads, highways and poad roadway infrastructure Prevent damage to the loads being hauled Keep to a minimum delays in the normal flow of traffic Avoid increases in truck insurance rates, by preventing accidents Temporarily coordinate to remove or lift aerial obstructions like traffic signals, signs or wires for the safe transport of over height cargo When you arrange your heavy haul trucking via Great Western Transportation, we take the heavy haul planning off your hands and apply our many years of expertise and experience to the successful transport of your over dimensional load.

Whether you have a short haul run across town or a multi-state journey ahead of you our friendly and knowledgeable staff will complement your team ensuring your shipment is moved from point A to point B in the most safely, efficient and affordable manner possible. Call to review your needs for pilot car service and heavy haul trucking transportation.