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The Criminal Code prohibits inducing the prostitution or corruption of minors.

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Punishment Venezuuela imprisonment for 3 to 18 months. The Vemezuela increases to 1 to 4 years if the minor is below the age of 12, if the act is committed by means of fraud or deceit, or if the perpetrator of the act is a person entrusted with the custody or care of Venezulea child. The code also prohibits promoting, directing, or profiting from the sexual activity of minors or adolescents. The code esclrts a husband or other relative from forcing a wife or female descendent to prostitute herself. The punishment for that act is imprisonment for 4 to 6 years. Prostitution is common, Vennezuela in Caracas and in other domestic tourist destinations.

Venezzuela economic conditions Venezuela escorts the ease with which Slutty beach porn passports, identity cards, and birth certificates can be obtained create escrts conditions for human trafficking. Women eescorts youngsters from BrazilColombiaPeruEcuadorthe Dominican Republic excorts, and Slutload long cocks People's Republic of Venezuela escorts are trafficked to and through the country and subjected to rscorts sexual exploitation. Citizens are trafficked internally escogts to Western Esscortsparticularly Spain and the NetherlandsVenesuela to countries in the region such as MexicoArubaand the Dominican Republic for commercial sexual exploitation.

In many cases traffickers place ads for models Venezeula regional newspapers and then lure respondents to Caracas under false pretenses of employment. It has been said that the most beautiful girls in the world come from Venezuela. There have been a few that won the Miss Universe contests in the past. Cities Caracas - Being the capital and the largest city in Venezuela, Caracas is known for being one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities in South America. There are lots of places to visit, such as theaters, malls, museums, art galleries, parks, well-conserved colonial architectures and even gastronomic restaurants.

Coro - The first capital of Venezuela and a city of rich colonial architecture, a unique natural scenery and tourist attractiveness. Its historical downtown is considered as a cultural World Heritage Site. Maracaibo - Venezuela's second city, swelteringly hot and built on oil. Maracay - Once the capital of Venezuela, now home to the main military garrison. Valencia - An affluent industrial city. Barquisimeto - It is an important urban, industrial, commercial and transportation center of the country, recognized as the fourth largest city by population and area in Venezuela Money Examples of Bolivar bills used in Venezuela Venezuela's currency is the Bolivar Fuerte BsFwhich replaced the old bolivar on January 1, at the rate of 1 BsF to old Bs.

Due to strict currency controls in place since bolivars are not easily convertible either in or outside the country. Currently, the official rate offered by banks and the few bureaux de change give 4. These unofficial rates fluctuate depending on general demand for foreign exchange, inflation and political instability. Within the "Parallel Market" there are various exchange rates: That highest one, which appears as reference on certain internet pages, is the government dollar bonds rate, inaccessible unless you buy thousands of dollars in government bonds through a Venezuelan brokerage firm. This last one determines the rate of the black market one and the tourist one.

The black market should be avoided unless you are sure of the honesty of the people changing currency for you. They may be scammers, thieves or even police disguised as traders. The best to look for would be one that uses Paypal and will allow you to transfer to them and then give you cash. There are certain sites and even Twitter feeds or Facebook pages that are great ways to find good money changers. Look for sites that have ratings and go with the highest rated people. If you withdraw money from an ATM, use a credit card, or use the government listed exchange rate you are going to pay a lot more for things then you need to.

Try and stay in an apartment if you can because hotels these days are supposed to only accept foreign currency crushing your value. Also remember that the black market exchange is technically illegal.

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