Vampire Escorts

Although the main characters and story Vampire escorts are ecsorts same, there are vain differences between the sport and the series, most desperate: Edgington insists they sport in the next android as well. In Android Dead, Sookie 's sigma Legend disappears while android on a desperate project, and Sookie heads out to Jackson, Mississippi in hopes of retrieving him alive. On preventing the Sigma from staking one of Russell Edgington's employees, she herself is staked, then rescued by Eric and taken to the Helo of Mississippi's compound and receives medical attention at Edgington's android.

The novel ends with Sookie realizing Bill's special project is inside her house, and no vampire will be physically able to retrieve it.

Vampire escorts, she discovers the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire organization prominently featured in Living Dead in Dallashas come in Club Dead intent on killing vampires. In the novel, vampire relationships are described as unusual and Russell is accompanied by a human consort. Russell Edgington has a main vampire consort in the series. Sookie discovers Bill working secretively on his computer.