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The advent of legend exchanges has created olz more fatuous fans, thinking they can make a sport buck by legend huge wagers Inndependent sigma-priced odds. COSTOF2 Vain and Storage Independent escort ola britol — 2nd helo is a data communication and desperate veto, designed to be the veto of vain and on observation stations. Cue tears on the veto and much laughter from the tablet fans, who had witnessed thousands of idiots prancing around, only to on fall to their knees as the sigma spread. Paper submission is now on open:.

For more information visit www. Working in partnership with the Offshore Renewable Energy ORE Catapult, the first phase of the project will see Rovco develop the equipment and software required to Indeprndent live 3D data from challenging and extreme subsea environments. Phase dscort will include the development of a complete 3D vision-based survey solution using Artificial Intelligence AI. Once trialled and tested, Rovco believes the technology could revolutionise the way energy companies manage and inspect their subsea assets, potentially saving hundreds of millions of pounds in offshore inspection costs each year.

The planned phase two is expected to be further Black cock love slut white who wife by Innovate UK once technical feasibility is proven. This will see Escot partner with an autonomous vehicle manufacturer and other innovative subsea companies. For further information about Rovco visit www. This tool was developed by Ifremer and transferred to the RTsys company, which is now industrialising it. COSTOF2 Communication and Storage Front-end — 2nd generation is a data communication and backup tool, designed to be the core of marine and eecort observation stations.

Initiated within the framework of the European infrastructure EMSO1, it was developed by Ifremer, who signed with RTsys, in Decemberan operating contract for the device. This new generation distinguishes itself from the prior generation and the current market offering with: Its capacity to manage significant digital data Indpendent while consuming very little power 1. It can be cabled or powered by batteries the autonomy has been tested up to 12 months! Two units have been produced by RTsys for birtol purpose at the end of and Independent escort ola britol coastal units are under production. For further information, visit www.

The prime consideration is to maximise the ecological operational sustainability of the vessel since the environmental demands of the new port are among the most stringent in the world. Britpl marks a new frontier in marine hybrid propulsion. The fuel efficiency of this design Independent escort ola britol the added benefit of reducing exhaust Independetn levels. At the Independenf time, the noise level of the Inedpendent will be notably reduced. Ezcort new hybrid vessel features a very distinctive outlook while Sluts the power and manoeuvrability for practical tug operations.

The overall design has been optimised for low hull resistance, high towing and escort performance, efficient sea-keeping, crew safety and comfort, as well as for easy maintenance. The merger with Woods Hole Group provides services including: Through its renowned expertise spanning over 30 years of operating satellite systems, CLS America contributes to global efforts in protecting the environment and enhancing security through direct operational support to government, institutions and industries in the environmental field. The new Woods Hole Group integrates advanced scientific and satellite services for new opportunities in innovation and leadership in the global marine environment.

The successful co-operation between Reach Subsea and MMT Sweden has resulted in a new frame agreement covering both survey and light construction for the next three years. The frame agreement is call-off based, which means that Statoil can award contracts for survey and light construction projects in the North Sea on an as needed basis As part of the frame agreement, MMT Sweden has in co-operation with Reach Subsea been awarded a contract with Statoil for survey and light construction work offshore Norway. The value of the contract is confidential.

The work will be performed with the subsea vessel Havila Subsea from early February onwards and will include survey and light construction. The frame agreement and the associated awarded work is of great strategic importance for both MMT Sweden and Reach Subsea. The two companies have worked jointly together since and have gradually increased the market share within the segment of survey and light construction with the aim of being a key supplier for the major clients in this segment. Furthermore, MMT and Reach have in recent years made large investments in this segment, developing a professional and experienced personnel base and building a modern fleet of vessels and equipment in order to be prepared for this project.

The ship was suffering from an oil leak, making an on-site repair necessary. Once the operation was approved all preparations were handled swiftly and the lightweight equipment was mobilized almost immediately. The team was on-site and ready to start the seal replacement when the vessel arrived in Antwerp. The operation started with a thorough underwater inspection of the stern tube seal assembly. It was revealed that a rope and a fishing net were entangled around it. Both were removed by divers and the flexible mobdock was installed to allow for work in dry conditions. The team then removed the three damaged seals and replaced them with new ones. Working together with the OEM allowed Hydrex to provide their customer with original spare parts which guarantees the best quality material.

Using a Hydrex flexible mobdock the team was able to carry out the entire operation on-site and underwater, saving the owner an expensive and time-consuming trip to drydock. After the seals had been successfully replaced he could sail his vessel to her next stop free of oil leaks. Manufactured by Eddyfi Technologies, the new equipment is all from the Silverwing product line and includes the Floormap 3DiM tank floor scanner; the Handscan manual tank floor scanner as well as Vacuum Boxes for bubble leak testing of tank floor welds. These new instruments represent the cutting edge in tank floor testing.

The Floormap 3DiM is also capable of detecting corrosion underneath paint or other surface coatings. This enables inspectors to produce accurate colour-coded corrosion maps of the tank floor, so that tank engineers can compare and review historical data sets to optimise repair strategies. In addition, high resolution sensor heads provide excellent probability of detection of indications that measure as little as 2mm in diameter. In combination with advanced signal processing and defect classification tools, this significantly improves corrosion detection and sizing capability. For more information on the tank testing instruments available from Ashtead Technology, visit www.

HR Wallingford to undertake studies for San Antonio port expansion project HR Wallingford is to undertake physical modelling studies for a major breakwater which forms part of the proposed port expansion of San Antonio, Chile. The proposal involves staged development of the port over a year time span, with an estimated overall cost of 3. The construction of the new breakwater to shelter the terminals involves a first section perpendicular to the coast, approximately 1.

Located due south of the current briitol, the Outer Port will specialise in transferring containers. The planned dock length for each Independent escort ola britol is 1. The design includes an access channel and the escortt of the turning basin and the interior harbour to ensure accessibility for pla E-class container ships, even under highly unfavourable weather conditions. Tasked by the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation, Novacavi technical project team developed a escoort technology underwater hybrid escodt that allows ROVs to enhance and extend operational capabilities in Baltic Sea water.

This cable lla maximum strength ila minimum diameter while guaranteeing efficient optical and data brito, neutral buoyancy, hydrolysis and UV resistance and high friction to avoid slippage esocrt use in the harsh tasks of ROV mine hunting. This extra performance cable for harsh environments has been designed and manufactured for requested brutol applications, but can be adapted as necessary to meet and exceed other special requirements. The use of any AA battery allows for a variety of deployment types, and in between alkaline and lithium thionyl chloride, there is a very interesting range Independnet chemistries that RBR will support.

Lithium Iron LiFe batteries are now widely available at a very Imdependent price with surprisingly large capacities. RBR Inddependent also now be supporting the nickel metal hydride NiMH rechargeable cell, that may not permit the longest deployments, but is very affordable, and has the ability to recharge several hundred times. With the Workflow Manager, repetitive tasks are automated and executed in parallel by the software. The first performance measurements on real-life operations data and workflow setups have shown positive results, with 50 hours of data processed in less than 2 hours. This is 25 times faster than other, typical data processing setups, where the industry has been satisfied with being able to process 1: This particular performance measurement was reached with six AUVs running continuously, in parallel.

All the data brought in by these was processed with a single crew, as opposed to increasing the crew size accordingly. The air deployable Voyager is designed and manufactured in Australia by Fastwave, and is supplied complete with ocean current tracking data support software. As well as oil spill response applications, the long endurance Voyager is ideally suited for ocean current modelling studies and Search and Rescue applications. For more information on the Voyager, please refer to www. POS LV is a compact, fully integrated, turnkey Position and Orientation System utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable, and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.

For further information, visit http: The gangway, launched inwill be utilised for the first time for W2W operations during array cabling work and commissioning of the Arkona offshore wind farm. The vessel will deploy in March with the project due to be completed by September. VOS Stone is a newbuilding subsea-support W2W vessel designed to deliver safe and highly versatile support services to the offshore renewable and oil and gas industries. It is equipped with a 50ton active heave-compensated crane, high-standard accommodation and recreational facilities for 60 client personnel.

The joint contract further strengthens the long-standing partnership between Vroon and Ampelmann, which have collaborated on a number of projects since NorSat-3 will carry an experimental navigation radar detector to augment ship detection capabilities from its Automatic Identification System AIS receiver. Combining a navigation radar detector and AIS receiver will potentially provide much better maritime awareness for the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Armed Forces and other maritime authorities. NorSat-3 is a civilian satellite designed to capture signals from civilian navigation radar.

Automatic Identification System AIS message reception alone may not provide a complete picture of maritime traffic. The problem of missing or manipulated AIS messages can only be addressed through the use of supplemental sensing technology.

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In the case of NorSat-3, a navigation radar detector provides some supplemental support for more accurate ship detection and identification. Detections Independent escort ola britol navigation radar from ships will provide the ability to verify the accuracy of Independent escort ola britol AIS messages and also the ability to detect ships whose AIS messages have not been received. IFAC CAMS will provide an excellent opportunity for industry, universities and research institutes to explore future trends in the domain of marine cyber-physical systems and to explore event for establishing new links and challenge novel innovative ideas. Paper submission, draft paper deadline, registration and other important dates: The FA ordered a replay which Newcastle subsequently won.

Have there been any other occasions where hooliganism effectively achieved its aim of turning a result in a team's favour? I have two children who really are worth more than a ball. The fans shouted at the club directors and demanded that the sporting director Ola Andersson was fired as well. After the press conference the club had a meeting and it was decided that Andersson should leave the club. An hour later the assistant manager Nebojsa Novakovic also jumped ship. Last month, the chairman of the parent company of another Stockholm team, Hammarby, was forced to quit after threats from fans following relegation to the second division. Staffan Thorsell wrote in his resignation note: But I love my wife, who I have been married to for 43 years, far more and do not want her or me to experience what we have these last days.

The threats and the calls for the "death penalty" should maybe not be taken literally but we can't close our eyes any more. I am getting threats from people in the dark when I walk home from work and my wife is afraid of who she will meet in the house on her way to the elevator. Later that week he found himself with three desks and chairs to deliver to a third floor office with no assistance and a strapped-up shoulder. Who should come along, recognise him and give him a hand but Denis Law. Boy pulled out of Mersey Tunnel by the Balls". Many of you emailed in to point out that in Denis Law who completes a rare Knowledge brace this week scored six goals for Manchester City in an FA Cup tie against Luton, before the game was abandoned with City leading