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Those state agents were assisted in making the arrests by officers from the Airway Heights and Spokane police departments.

Safety and Security

Larson was arrested in Airway Heights, where she personally responded to a request from an undercover officer who called one of Escort in spokane wa escort services and asked for a sex act. Petersen, who served a federal prison sentence, is now out and on supervised release. Doran, who acted as a driver and bodyguard for prostitutes, according to investigators, was booked on a charge of promoting prostitution. Her associate, Ricky V. Instead of depositing money from her escort operations in a bank account, Larson is accused of buying gambling tickets at Northern Quest — apparently an attempt to launder the illegal proceeds so they would be harder to track, Drumheller said.

Surveillance cameras frequently recorded Larson using her cell phone in the casino, and she also regularly was seen with various younger women.