Escort Engine Swaps

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Ford Pinto engine

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After all — the same company which engineered one of the most iconic economy cars has a main market share in high end performance SUVs like the V10 Touareg. A South African club is getting in on the action. Plus, this club added the stipulation that in addition to the 10m drive forward, it would also complete it in reverse as well. In the United States, the glory of record breaking engine swap competitions is centered on old Jeeps. This one team of army mechanics hold a regional record for swapping out a Jeep engine in under four minutes. Of course, it takes more than two. That team relied upon a highly trained group of six guys working closely together.

The enthusiasm for high speed engine swaps has tapered off a bit in recent years as more and more mechanics and technicians go from the old school Jeep engine swap competitions to breaking records in horsepower and performance. And who can blame them? Jeeps are generally the truck of choice when it comes to putting unthinkable power into this form factor.