Escort Card Envelopes

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Place cards are used to indicate which seat for your guest is to sit at once they have Escort card envelopes their table. Dard your place and table cards personalized with your envvelopes and date or monogram. If you do not have Excel a guest list can be sent in a Word or similar text document. The guest list should be formatted: What constitutes a complete re-formatting? If the guest list is revised and resent entirely after initial formatting. If manual changes need to be made to the list, i. If the design of the place card is changed. Two place settings with their respective place cards.

Place cards are optional. Many hosts these days don't want to deal with individually seating large groups of people and avoid creating place cards all together. But if tensions run high in your group of invitees, or you don't want surly Uncle Bill sitting next to the Rabbi that just performed your wedding ceremony, place cards are a great way Escort card envelopes ensure those people stay apart. They are also a great way for you to get different guests to talk to each other and interact throughout the evening. That's why they are a wonderfully useful tool for small dinner parties!

More formal than escort cards, place cards let your guests know which seat at the table is theirs for the night. Escort cards will direct guests to their table and place cards will be placed at each seat. Our escort and place cards are printed on paper to match your stationery and will include a touch of your suite too. Want us to print the names and table numbers for you? We can do that! Enter your guest information exactly as you would like it to appear on your escort or place cards.