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For more blogs, sport here Great pic of two desperate vain's. Tablet yet, take both of them. Charlie 79 escort for glamour photography. Yeah, I have had guys pretending to be me in sport to see girls. I started getting corrupted at a young age I legend, so no android I am such a bad sport now lol.

Trixie is all new in town. I enjoyed every minute with this kinky sex kitten. All around Charlie 79 escort complaints about appearance, attractiveness, and sexual factor. Give her a shout. It's best to reach her through text. Could you pm me Trixie's and her rates. Plus if she has an in call or if outcall is required. Haha, Glock I agree, a wide-angle lens is not a flattering perspective for anyone. But anywhere in the the 50 mm to mm range depending on how much room you have to work provides a much more flattering look, with 85 mm a favorite of many. Keep on shooting, Glock! Glock your sins are forgiven.

Go in peace my son. St Vitus Good for her, I always liked her. She did said she will come back and make random visits, but for now she is heading out of here. I am going to miss her. Nirvana She is one of the few people who agreed to my 2 guys at once and never got a chance to. She is moving tomorrow. So I'm trying to set something for tonight or early tomorrow. Please if anyone interested, pm me. Tn Tornado I love the latest technology Instamatic with a flashcube. I guess its so new I can't find film cartridges. I bought it from a guy at the Green Beetle last week and he said I am the first to have one of these. Big Boi Terry So she wants to hear from you, see wants to go home with a smile on her face like only some of you guys can do.

She was walking down summer so I stopped and had a chat with her. She says she is in a bad spot. Her and her boyfriend broke up and he put her on the street. She has no phone and is staying in a house on pershing off summer. She is too sweet of a girl to be walking on summer. I just hope she gets a phone soon and contacts guys here and gets back on her feet. I wish her luck! Angel is leaving tomorrow, and I know that a ton of you guys love seeing her and Mimi the Superstar as a duo. Today and tomorrow will be the last chance for awhile, because I know that Mimi is available all day today and tomorrow as well.

You guys need to get busy dialing. I had planned on a girl on girl shoot with them tomorrow as the introduction to my new camera. But I can't make it tomorrow. However I talked to Mimi today and we are planning something very interesting for my new camera's debut next week. You'll have to wait and see.


BTW I will miss Angel a lot. She had become one of my ATFs. Lori says she would like to make some esccort friends and see some old ones. Here's what you would be getting into. And she ewcort nice to get into indeed. Been there, done that! LOL Glockman She is very adept at bribing the selection committee. And Charliee committee encourages bribing! Just Dreaming Very sexy and passionate. Escprt wait to see her again. That Chaelie be quite a bribe to get the February posting this early in the month. 7 January post was just Charlie 79 escort days ago!

She Charlie 79 escort doing so good and even got her kids back but apparently has slipped back into old habits. Her mom has not heard from her in a couple months and is worried not knowing if she is alive or not. If you hear from her tell her to atleast call home. Avg Joe I hope she is ok. I would love to see her again and help her out. Her phone is not working as of today and I hope she gets another one soon. When you post photos of some girls it is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that we are introduced to possibilities of Angel Baby, Sunny, and Cherry Pie though your excellent photograph. The curse is that once they get their moment of fame it is hard to get an appointment with them.

Out of the three that I mentioned Angel Baby was the only one I was able to see in trying for nine months. Sunny is impossible to get an appointment with and after trying ever method to get approval to see her I gave up. Cherry Pie is difficult to contact now but I hear that she has a lot of things going on. Now I see that Memphis Nicole has lost weight and is look good.

After texting her and sending her a message from this site, no reply. I know that she is too busy now because of the popularity of a Glockman spread. They should pay you for advertising. You are a star maker if you have anything to work with. D Glockman Yes, she definitely knows how to bribe the selection committee. Fortunately, the selection committee is totally corruptible. Charlie 79 escort I can't get my hands on Sunny or Memphis Nichole because of your damn good photography this what I am going to have to settle for today http: Glockman now you see what you made me do.

BTW how do you post a photo from a phone on here? Your lucky you got someone to replace Sunny who apparently has dropped of the face of the earth. I'm not so lucky. What kind of a phone do you have? I can do it from an IPhone, but don't know about Androids. BTW, she doesn't do cim, so you are safe from me stealing her. Krystal says she loves it. She just started doing BBBJ lately. I have an Android. I just got this picture from this girl that I met on SA and I wanted you to take a look at it. This girl would be model material but she is too short and too many tats.

My ex was a model and crazy as bat shit but taller than me also. You just need to develop that certain je ne sais quoi. Here is my Android screens to upload pics. Hit upload after you select them and close the window. A lady that doesn't do CIM is worse than cheap beer. And life is too short to drink cheap beer. You can tell her that's what Glockman thinks of her. She contacts me about once a week wanting to get together but you're right she York escorts that visit her stuff together back in November December even had her kids back last I heard she was living in her car and pretty desperate it sad sad I really enjoyed Charlie 79 escort time with her I have a a fetish that she always took care of for me loved it.

The original redhead and the new Mimi. Let me say that they got along very well. As you can see, the original Mimi is preggo, about five months. But that didn't stop either one from enjoying the other. The hell I go through just to get these pictures. Oh BTW, the new camera is fantastic. Those are great screen shots but I need alot more instruction. Here what I have they were texted to me by the Young lady to my cheap TracPhone. I don't know how to say them as picture or export them or any shit like that. If they came in on my Samsung I could do it but on this TracPhone.

I went through the same issue with my hobby phone. If your Tracfone has email capability, email them to yourself and go from there. Do any of the hotties you guys are constantly blessed with have an incall on the east side of town? I've got a work trip to Jackson next week and there doesn't appear to be much reliable activity going on there so I'm thinking about sampling some of Memphis' finest. I don't see her add any longer. Do you know how to reach her? Speaking of here, is she still available? She's one of the favorites I never had the chance to meet. I'd much rather see her then taking a chance with some of the others from Backpage. The original Mimi is the first provider I ever saw in Memphis.

Rather than say what is good about both girls, it's easier to say I can't think of one single bad thing about either. You just can't go wrong with either. Great pic of two wonderful lady's. Congratulation Glockman, what are you hoping for a boy or a girl? I already know what it is. BYW, how are you coming with that je ne sais quoi! What a great community you all have developed! Thank you all for the great info! Your pics and the story they tell are awesome! Even more introductions tomorrow! I been in the bed all day and not having fun.

I caught a cold or something transiting from Orlando weather to Little Rock weather. At least I have had my flu and other shots for the year. Glockman Getting to know each other even better. Really sharp as Mimi the original so aptly demonstrates. When I was on photo safari in South America playing with the National Geographic photographers' Nikon D5's, I kept saying to myself, "Man, would I like to shoot some pussy though these bad boys! Same state of the art focus but in a slightly smaller package.

I want to be real naughty and make us both cum time and time again I wonder which one of us will cum first, second and third he he! I play a naughty office junior who is such a cock tease, imagine you are my older boss who calls me in your office for some oral dictation and punishment, of course like the good submissive little slut I am I would take it all! Guys love me in stockings, I love the look on their face when they see me in them!!! So I shot some new content in a top that reads "Love Being Naughty" and it got me thinking, and I come to the conclusion that I really do love being naughty, I guess that's what makes me such a good slut! I started getting corrupted at a young age I guess, so no surprise I am such a bad girl now lol I just love being naughty!

Nothing gets me off more than knowing your all getting horny and wanking over me, I love it so much it makes me cum again and again mmmmmmmmmm! Bring it on you horny fuckers! He played my stepdad punishing me for being such a naughty lil schoolgirl! He loves playing with me, and uses any excuse to punish my lil body, he loves playing with me and abusing me, and of course I love to let him!!! I've been such a bad girl, he makes sure I am punished!