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I should have been bottim, but my mind was reeling. Alple couldn't move my limbs. I had been drugged. I had been bkttom up and Bottomm was about to be raped by another man. I was about to be tortured, humiliated, degraded, abused and bottok and raped before so many other horrible things would be done to me. I was a few hours away from being sodomized and used by many men. I was a few hours away from becoming a whore for other men's Apppe Apple bottom sluts. I was now mere hours from being broken down into a drugged, skuts seemingly willing Apple bottom sluts slave. I was about to be forcibly taken down a road that would change my life forever.

For those of you who are offended by graphic descriptions of illegal and unsafe forced sexual abuse, I apologize for the rest of my story. Up to this point, I have recounted my experience as well as I could remember. My problem going forward is that now, my memory becomes hazy due to my drugged state. While all of what I am about to tell you is true, it is now told through the memory of a 48 year old sexually submissive slut of a man. At the time, at least in the beginning, I was a heterosexual man who would never want another man to touch him, much less abuse and rape him in such a horrible way.

Today, I crave such abuse by men, women and couples. Today I seek it out, and do so in ways that willingly puts me in harms way. Inharm's way found me when I tried to better myself. My ass, my mind and my soul would never be the same again. The first one worked just fine, I see" With that he grabbed the hair from the back of my head with one hand, and with his other shoved his thumb, index and middle fingers into my mouth. I had wanted to protest but now I felt like choking as his fingers forced a pill down the back of my throat.

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PAple he brought that awful drink to my lips and forced me to swallow, John quickly moved behind the chair, and I felt the blade of a Bowie knife pressed against the side of my throat. My heavy arms lay limp on the arm rests of the chair, as my mind was really too drugged to be scared. I mean, I then knew what was happening, but was all so dream like. It would rapidly turn into A;ple nightmare. It would then turn into my depraved way slhts life. Is that how you are going to act when I bogtom you on an interview? Applee you think Apple bottom sluts I wouldn't notice it you perverted pig? Don't worry though my dear little pig boy, I am going to show you how to control that cock of yours.

You botttom about to be tutored the hard way about the meaning of respect, and it is going to be so much fun. Fun for me boy, but painful for you. Please Apple bottom sluts do this to me Please let me go! Besides, I now had a Bowie knife pressed against A;ple side on my neck, and the room began to whirl around while I was Simone escort vancouver burnaby everything in the room, two by two. With one hand pulling my hair upwards, John reached with the other arm carrying the Bowie knife, and slipped it under my right arm swinging his Tag team sluts hand toward the front of my face.

There, I was thrown across Appoe side Angel ayana escort review one of those deep, old fashioned bath tubs with feet on them. My head banged the porcelain as it hit the side, but he pressed his knee against my ass preventing me from totally falling in. There I was, feet on the floor, head in the tub, and my well developed abdomen pressed against the side of this high bath tub. Even though my head surprisingly didn't hurt from the hard bang against the tub's side, it was swimming like a man who just drank a bottle of tequila. I was drugged and feeling no pain. The room began to go dark. My world as I knew it began to grow darker.

When I awoke from my drug induced slumber, I was still in that same bathroom. My head was still swimming, and I was still heavily sedated. However now I was sitting on what seemed like a crudely constructed, high backed chair made out of plywood and two by fours. But as I would soon discover, it was no ordinary chair and I was not merely sitting. Totally naked, my arms were bound at my elbows behind my back with heavy rope. Around my wrists and ankles were some sort of leather cuffs. My wrists were trapped together and my ankles were secured to the legs on this chair.

A wide, leather dog collar adorned my neck and rope was wrapped around it and the back of this "chair". More rope was wrapped around my muscular chest and to the back of the chair. More rope still was tightly wound around my stomach and the chair. I felt rope around my knees as well, rendering them immobile. My naked virgin ass felt a chill. I was sitting in a hole that had been cut out of the seat of the chair. The hole wasn't as long as a toilet seat, but was rounder than one, so that my ass sort of hung through it.

There was enough room in that hole for my cock and balls as well. They ached, and I could feel them being tugged downwards. My cock and balls were tightly bound with what I would later learn were my shoelaces, and tied down somewhere underneath the chair. Helpless and alone in an exceptionaly well lit bathroom, I now, drugged or not, was so terribly afraid. I should have been afraid. My life was about to spiral down into the depths of depravity and servitude that only a masochistic sex slave could love. I tried to yell out, but I soon realized that it was impossible to do so with what I would learn was a rubber ball gag.

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