1997 Escort Instrument Cluster

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Do gauges insteument on any vehicle? Gauges are universal and can be mounted virtually anywhere in any vehicle. Gauge pods are usually used to house these aftermarket gauges within your vehicle. How do you install gauges? Some gauges are electrical while some are mechanical. Electrical gauges use sensors that have to be installed, while mechanical gauges rely on hoses for feedback. All gauges must be wired up for lighting within your vehicle.

Speedometer Speedo Instrument Cluster Ford ESCORT VI 96FB10848BA 1.8td 66kw RFS

How do I install a tach in a car that did not come with one? How difficult is it? A tachometer is a great instrument to have in your car. Remove 1 1997 escort instrument cluster from bottom of dash trim. Now gently pull back bottom dash trim to expose 2 more screws for cluster trim, remove them. Remove top of colum trim and 4" wide trim at bottom of speedometer cluster. Once done gently pry off dash to expose speedo cluster. Remove the two botttom screw and two top screws. Gently pull entire speedo cluster out and remove 3 wiring harness connectors by pushing gently on release clips.

This sounds like a lot 1997 escort instrument cluster do but it takes only about 15 min to get cluster in your hands. If resistance is less than 5 ohms on all wires, replace instrument cluster printed circuit and gauge contact clips. If any resistance is more than 5 ohms, repair circuits in question. To do just the bulbs if that's all it needs follow this procedure. Remove 5 instrument cluster mask screws and remove mask and lens. Handle gauges and components with care. Make no attempt to adjust indicator needles. By pulling straight out, remove temperature gauge, fuel gauge, speedometer and tachometer if equipped.

Depress tang and remove instrument cluster gauge amplifier from rear of cluster. Remove indicator and illumination bulbs from rear of instrument cluster.