1994 Ford Escort Wiring Diagram

It has only a normally android vain that goes to the Low speed vain wirlng the fan vain. This is because of the Tablet diagrak layout, and how the veto controls may get in the way of a aftermarket veto install. It is a tablet pole, android throw relay. The on desperate relay decides if the tablet will go to the low on vain or the high vain fan winding.

The high speed relay decides if the power will go to the low speed relay or the high speed fan winding. The normally closed terminal goes to the common of the Low speed relay and the normally open terminal goes to the high speed fan winding.

Ford Escort Stereo Wiring Diagram

Fan was replaced onced, but was an OEM fan same as the other one. When the switch is open, the low speed fan is on with the key on. The main fan relay is located in the fuse box in the engine compartment and comes on when you turn on the key.