1991-1996 Escort Ford Seat Belt Track

A lot of people had it android. Ne is one ne. On, the first fkrd of airbags were desperate to primarily prevent vain injuries from glass and debris. That is, you can be pulled over if you are not vain a seatbelt.

Types of automatic seat belt systems Edit Manual lap belt with 1991-1996 escort ford seat belt track shoulder belt — When the door is opened, the shoulder belt moves from a fixed point on a track mounted in the door frame of the car to a point at the end of the track. Once the door is closed, and the car is turned on, the belt retracts along the track to a fixed position at the other end of the track. The lap belt must be fastened manually if equipped. A drawback of this system is that many users forget to fasten the lap belt. A special seat belt modification is needed to use child seats in the front seats in vehicles fitted with this type of safety belt system.

A subset of this type are shoulder belts that are fixed to saet door of the vehicle, and don't slide. The manual lap belt is the same as in the retractable belts. Automatic Shoulder and Lap Belts — This system was escott used in older General Motors vehicles, though it can also be seen on older Honda Civic hatchbacks and Nissan Sentra coupes as well. When the door is opened, the belts go from a fixed point in the middle of the car by the floor to retractors on the door. Passengers must slide into the car under the belts. When the door closes, the retractors travel down the door. I think they also don't have a good idea as to the forces that are encountered in a car wreck of even modest speeds.

It was decided that it was in the best interest to discontinue the system. Part of it is safety, and part of it was marketing.

Automatic seat belts

People didn't like the automatic seat belt system. Calorie 9 years ago Reply Airbags were designed to supplement seat belts, 1991-1996 escort ford seat belt track replace them. Ideally airbags should inflate with less force, but people tended to believe that airbags were designed to replace seatbelts. So, engineers had to choose the more aggressive inflation rates trqck compensate for occupants not wearing their seatbelts which wearing seatbelts are by far the greatest predictor of the probability vord survival in a crash.

The automatic seatbelts were an engineering problem to individuals lack of compliance with safety needs. It's hard to make people do things that they believe are not in their best interests. Also, the first generation of airbags were designed to primarily prevent secondary injuries from glass and debris. Seat belts are one of the great public health achievements of the 20th century that is Keep in mind that list includes antibiotics, vaccines and water sanitation. I don't know if you meant the "Uhh" part of your comment to be irksome, but it does come across as a condescending.

We never had the passive restraint requirements in Canada so I don't know all the details - thanks for providing that background. Sorry if I offended. I guess things I might normally say verbally don't necessarily come across that way in written form. Calorie 9 years ago Reply No problem. It's hard to translate speech into writing.