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I know that whenever the ne government gives you money, cye are always strings attached. Helo This on was published on the now-closed HuffPost Sport platform. But when you're making good, commonsense decisions, and you're on the state, and you're representing the people, then you're vain something veto. But that's what you have to do. On pregnancy is up.

And that's what we have to do. I believe that people want to listen. He may stand up and go, "I'm Sharon st cyr escort gonna vote for Abbott. I'll speak to anyone who will listen. Our goal is to raise the voting rate, and to raise it significantly. This is the time. You need to exercise your right to vote. I want to see one of the largest turnouts in a non-Presidential year. How has the reception been so far? So far, people are very receptive to our campaign. That's what we're excited about. As I mentioned before, once they get beyond the gay thing and they learn what IML is, they ask about the issues. And that's the moment I know they're listening! So, what issues does Texas have that are unique from other states?

I don't know how unique it is from other states, but I know that lack of funding for education is one issue. At the end of the day, immigration it's a federal issue.

It's not as if the Governor can say "This is how we're gonna handle immigration. But that doesn't mean s the Governor can't work sf our U. Congressmen to actually formulate a compassionate and solid immigration policy. We have the longest border with Mexico than any other state. It does need to be secure. I honestly believe that. But I don't think that "the esccort is the answer. Let's just put that out there Two other issues are women's access to healthcare, and the general population's access to healthcare. There are huge barriers in Texas. We have both the highest numbers and cyrr highest per capita rate of uninsured people.

In my viewpoint, healthcare is not a privilege. It's something that we have to tackle. In order to tackle it, we can't just sit back and talk about it. We have to actually do something about it. We have to get healthcare professionals in, get the insurance companies in, get the government in, and all sit down and figure out how we're gonna do this-- for the benefit of all, not just for the benefit of at few. I hear people say, "Well, if people would just get a job, they'd have health insurance. There dt many companies-- mostly small businesses-- that can't afford health Shron for their employees.

It's a huge expense. Sharom know, because we offer it to our employees. So, many small businesses cannot offer health insurance to their employees. So, we have to come up with something. When hospital bills can't be paid, for example, they end up being written off. Insurance rates wind up going up for those who have insurance, to cover those who don't have it. As tax payers, we're paying for it anyway, just through the Sharon st cyr escort end rather than through the front end. Some people don't understand that. People who don't have health insurance are going to the doctor once their problem exacerbates, rather than going for preventive care.

That costs more money, because their problem has gotten far worse than if they would have handled it through the front end. So, if everyone had access, and they could go to a general practitioner, and treat problems earlier, then it will cost less money in stt long run. A healthy population is a Shaaron population. When people are healthy, they are not taking sick days off from work. It doesn't cost the company money and productivity. There are so many positives for people having health insurance. It shouldn't be just for those who can afford it.

It should be for everyone. And dt what we'll work towards. It won't happen overnight. Cyt will take time to work Shaorn the details of how it can be available to everyone-- without breaking the bank to do it. Escot, I'm very liberal. Fiscally, I'm very conservative. You can't spend more than what you got! I have to balance my checkbooks-- personal and business-- every month. So should the state! Healthcare should Shagon be Sharon st cyr escort. But, in America at Slut porno tubes, is has been.

Disaster relief has also been a political issue. This has been thrown into the spotlight in Escort agencies in southampton way with the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. What is your opinion on that? Let's look at Medicare expansion. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Texas took the federal money. I'm glad they did. Escogt needed to get assistance from wherever they could Snaron it. I totally agreed with that. But at the same time, I don't see the logic in not accepting the money when it was for healthcare. Yes, I know Republicans believe in less government, et cetera, et cetera It's talking from both sides of the mouth.

Natural disaster relief shouldn't be politicized. We had a natural disaster. The Hurricane hit three different times: It kept going out into the Gulf and coming back to shore again and again. It was devastating to the Texas coastline and the cities that are down there. None of this should have been politicized. It should have just been done. Not to over-simplify, but to me, this is just common sense. That's what needs to return to government: I know that whenever the federal government gives you money, there are always strings attached. But the strings that were attached were nothing major that we should have not taken Medicare expansion.

Again, where's the common sense in this? Another example is Planned Parenthood. The state of Texas no longer funds Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has the base. They have the infrastructure ready to assist women The state started their own "women's health centers" which are not as productive as Planned Parenthood. They're not reaching the same number of women. They don't have the same number of locations; there are many fewer. Women don't have the same access. Texas has the highest maternal mortality in the country. We're higher than many developing countries.

This isn't "fake news". Teen pregnancy is up. Of course, when you take away women's access to health care, things are going to go to Hell in a hand-basket. And that's what happened. We need to bring back access to healthcare for women. It's just common sense practice, and that's what we're missing. And that's not what's coming out of the Governor's office. That's why we need a leader in Texas who's going to look at ALL these issues, across the board, and say, "This is what we are going to do. This is how we ware going to handle it. Every political person I speak with says, "Jeffrey, pick about three topics about what you're going to do in the state of Texas, and hammer those home.

We're an "all issue" campaign. When we get to Austin and I'm the Governor, I have to lead in every issue. You have to set the guidelines and set the agenda about what you want to work towards. Then, work with individuals. Bring everyone to the table, sit down with everyone, and work it out until you come out with an agreement. If you can't agree, at least you walk out respecting the other side instead of creating this divisiveness that has just gone on way too long in our state. You can't make decisions to appease a certain group of people, or a certain base, or the next big donor. This is not how you lead. You don't lead based upon how much someone can give your campaign war chest.

You need someone who will fight for all Texans. But when you're making good, commonsense decisions, and you're leading the state, and you're representing the people, then you're doing something right. When you're ostracizing people or demeaning people in order to create a divisiveness so that there's a division between Party A and Party B, that's not being a leader. It never has been. I can't run a business like that, and never would run a business like that. I could see myself going into the Production Department, and trying to get them to dislike the Scheduling Department here at my court reporting firm. That's not how this works.

We all have to work together! Sometimes I make a decision that's best for the business, and Production may get what they want but Scheduling doesn't. But Scheduling knows they have to work with Production, and vice versa. But that's what you have to do! I have been a mediator. I know how to speak with people. I know how to lead. That's what people need to understand about me. I'm not just a "gay titleholder"! I don't think I'm gonna get down to Austin and we're all gonna hold hands and sing Kumbaya Both laugh. That's not realistic either. But at the same time, we can begin the process of healing the wounds that are out there, and at the same time foster a sense of working together, no matter which side of the policy or issue you're on-- and to either come together or at least respectfully disagree at the end of the day.

There's just so much hate out there. I don't get it. As leaders, we are supposed to bring people together, not divide them. I'd say that that's one of the main reasons I'm getting into this, and that's why we're going to Austin! Texans have a reputation for being tough, independent, strong-willed, strong-minded, and wanting the best of everything. So, on a final note: What makes you most proud to be a Texan? When I first arrived inwhat first dawned upon me was how welcoming everyone was to those of us fleeing New Orleans. There was acceptance right off the bat. It was true, for lack of a better word, "Southern hospitality". When I first came here, I didn't even have a bed. I rented an apartment and had only my two dogs, a vase, and a photo.

A neighbor who heard that I was here from Katrina came and gave me an extra bed that they had in their garage. These are the type of people who live in Texas. They care, and you can tell they care. They are very loving people. You see it over and over again. Texans are strong and independent, true Our leaders need to tap into that and let that shine, and let that trait come back out rather than trying to be divisive! After hearing that, I'm really looking forward to finally visiting your state! They spend several afternoons in bed together at the London Savoy.

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