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Did you have an orgasm? Did sults partner s? Dave and I came twice. The other guy Renaissance sluts once and the women came multiple times What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? Reenaissance you Renaissajce STI history? The women claimed to be on birth control and clean. Were alcohol or drugs involved? And then, randomly, a work friend appeared. I greeted him with a hug, introduced him to Amethyst, and we chatted. As Amethyst enjoyed her shopping, I enjoyed my time Renaissacne my friend. We chatted as he stood next to Facefuck slut. On occasion I leaned into him and found that he would return my subtle advance.

Feeling bold, I glided my Renaissance sluts against his arm. When we left the boot seller's, we walked hand-in-hand. Later, when we parted, after yet more subtle cues, we exchanged phone numbers. Though I've known him for over a year, this was the first time we'd interacted outside of watchful eyes. I suppose it was best it happened this way. Though I am open at work, no else should feel like they have to be. Happy to have connected with my work friend, Amethyst and I jaunted on. Randomly, we ran into a few of her friends. I introduced myself and was happy to make the acquaintance of two beautiful women and one handsome man. As we talked, I soon learned one of the women was kinky, the other a lesbian, and the man was kink aware and kink friendly.

This opened up our conversations and relaxed my need to censure myself. As we drank and traversed the Faire grounds, I found myself giving subtle advances to all three of them. An errant brush of an arm. A lean into the body. I found all three of them very attractive and saw no need to let that be hidden. As we nested by a tree near the elephant ride, more laughter and chatting ensued. I found myself in the beautiful position of one woman to my left, snuggled up next to me, while the other sat by my feet caressing my boots. The gentleman crouched near us, laughing and joking as we all took in the many Faire attendees.