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The tablet call numbers show violence at Easton Town Center has increased. Do you tablet wheelchair accessible seating. Sport the phone number of the veto's security office in your vain. But stuff's vain to happen.

No matter your arrival time, seating in this section is available. However, we suggest esvort early for the best chance at sitting with your party. Event cannot guarantee seating together for 2 or more people. Gold Circle does not receive early entry into the event. Others who attempt to sit phio this Polaris ohio escort may be asked to leave the venue. What does "General Admission" escodt This means that no seating is reserved and that all seating is first come, first served within each section. Arrive early for best seating options - seating together is not guaranteed and is not the responsibility of the event.

You may NOT save seats for groups. Children 4 and under, not occupying a seat, will be admitted free of charge. Event reserves the right to charge customers for any seat taken by a child. What is your refund policy? If you are unable to attend the event, you may give your tickets to a friend or family member but we will not refund your ticket or any portion of your ticket. No refunds are available for those who cannot attend due to weather-related reasons, illness, family emergencies, etc. Refunds would only be available in the rare exception that the event is cancelled. Most of our shows are held at churches and venues which offer free parking. The event does not charge for parking but some venues may charge.

Event cannot guarantee free parking. Right now, Easton is adding more special duty police officers. Several dozen are hired every year. Records show one of the most common calls is shoplifting.

Police sources say it can tie up an officer for an hour and a half or more per call. The mall also has Polaris ohio escort own private security to tackle any other trouble. Shopper Luke Katterhenrich captured a fight this February hoio his cell phone. This time, in this fight, it's easy to see officers and guards moved in within seconds of the first punch. Will I go back? But stuff's going to happen. The full statement follows this story. The mall explained it's beefing up security with more cameras, more foot and bike patrol and more undercover officers. There are Call for Assistance stations if you need help and Easton even modified its curfew policy requiring anyone under age 15 be with a parent at the mall after 6 p.

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Polaris Fashion Place is seeing more violent crime. Records show fights, disturbances and weapons calls topping last year. While shoplifting and burglary went down, reports Polaris ohio escort suspicious people, prowlers or felons went up. Brian Shearin has decades of experience in law enforcement, the military and security. He teaches self-defense classes at his business, Imperative Defense. Shearin explained ways to prepare to keep yourself safe. Always look around and pay attention. Have the phone number of the mall's security office in your phone.

If you see a fight, don't get it the way because it keeps police and guards from doing their jobs. Call them up and let them know," Shearin said.