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A bank investigation Before Foster's proposed expense changes in March, Arnold — as the executive director — ultimately signed off on all spending, including his own. Arnold, who is legally blind, will now route his credit card statements, Lexington kentucky escort with those of other KACo employees, to Tim Sturgill, the association's general counsel. Arnold said the organization should have been more careful in reviewing the credit cards because he and others weren't aware of the charges to the escort service and strip clubs on Jenkins' card until the Herald-Leader's report. That was my fault. KACo has not yet received the results of Central Bank's investigation of the disputed charges.

Steve Kelly, Central Bank's executive vice president of marketing and sales, said bank officials completed the response to KACo's claims and mailed it about 3 p. Thursday, although he declined to say what the resolution was. The bank treated the investigation like any other even though the charges at issue were made well beyond the normal day window for card holders to challenge expenses, Kelly said. Calls to Campus Cuties requesting comment haven't been returned. Strip club policies Managers of the two Louisville strip clubs whose charges appeared on Jenkins' card said they have strict policies that require patrons who use a credit card to provide a drivers' license.

He said the establishment doesn't have any records frombut he said it would have been against the club's long-standing policy for anyone to manually enter a credit card number without the actual credit card or an ID. A manager at the Thorobred Lounge I in downtown Louisville said that club has similar policies and keeps records for several years, although she declined to provide a copy of the receipt for the charge to Jenkins until the credit card company's investigation is over. Foster said KACo officers will probably follow up with the clubs to get more information.