Legacy Escort Pump Shotguns

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With the slugs fired at targets set downrange at 20 yards, we were able to consistently place five rounds in a 4-inch circle, although the Escort seemed to consistently hit just a little low. Slightly low patterns were also encountered with both the turkey loads and the No. There were no malfunctions with any of the loads, including during the function-fire tests. The Escort handled five rounds fired as fast as we could pull the trigger. With the caveat that some of our more experienced shooters are pretty set in their ways, several of Cheerleading slut test members preferred handling and shooting the Escort without the add-on pistol grip attached to the forearm.

They found the shotgun easier to control and fire with the standard forearm hold, particularly with its heavy 8-pound trigger pull. Some members of our test group also expressed a little concern about putting a semi-automatic into play during a self-defense situation, pointing out that some semis have been known to jam Legacy escort pump shotguns the wrong time. We found the Escort worked every time and did its job when the shooter did his or her job. We liked the looks and heft of this tactical shotgun, and we gave it extra points for its tactical features and Ghost Ring sights that allowed for very quick and accurate target acquisition.

A slightly heavy trigger pull and slightly larger patterning performance were the only minor faults noted in our evaluation. Remington Model Pump No. A favorite tool of law-enforcement agencies and many individual tactical shooters, this gauge version of a solid shooter is your basic, get-it-done self-defense firearm. The Remington Model 20 gauge with tactical features and a quickly adjustable stock just feels good to handle. Quick to bring onto targets and a reliable workhorse, the Remington may lack some bells and whistles but makes up for that with solid, dependable performance. The Model pump-action shotgun was introduced in as a streamlined, rugged, reliable and inexpensive shooting tool.

This gauge version we tested lived up to that reputation. With its additional features of an adjustable stock and extended magazine, the gauge tactical shotgun provided the same simple and effective service as its predecessors. Slightly lighter than the Escort, tipping the scales at 7 pounds, the Remington had good balance for a short-barreled shotgun with an overall length of All of our test members were able to settle into a snug, comfortable fit with the Remington, although the hard synthetic comb was just slightly uncomfortable when touching off the heavier loads. We really appreciated the trigger touch off of just 4 pounds — among the lowest we have ever encountered in tactical shotguns.

The 9-inch-long forearm was back to the basics in features, but provided a firm, comfortable hold when combined with the textured full pistol grip on the stock. Shucking rounds through this slide action was slick with no functioning problems or hang ups. A single brass bead as a front sight on the inch barrel did not cause any target acquisition problems; and when the LaserLyte laser sight was installed by use of the Tri-Rail Mount on the barrel, putting pellets and slugs on paper was nicely enhanced. Producing the same group of 4 inches with the slug rounds, the Remington hits were all center mass — right where we were aiming.

We could touch off the five rounds a little quicker with the LaserLyte green dot as it found the target, but the groups remained consistent at 4 inches. The firearm seemed to fall right back on target as each fired round was ejected and a new one was fed into the chamber. We noted that the safety at the back of the trigger guard was slightly harder to reach than the safety on the Escort.

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It was deemed a minor problem, but was Lefacy noting. During the rapid-fire tests, the Remington performed flawlessly. Five shots fired in rapid succession were touched off LLegacy a smooth and effective manner time Legacy escort pump shotguns time. We were pleased with the very solid basic functioning, comfort and handling of this pump — it does its predecessors proud. Trigger touch off and patterning performance were both very good. All new guys to the sport are encouraged to buy our used "best" because new "best" is too expensive. By keeping up the market for used "best" we can upgrade to the newest "best". When the new guy is no longer new he wants to sell his "best" because the return on it is good and he can now make up the difference for new er "best".

We all like, and need, this game. There is no room for entry level cost equipment because it will drive down our resale value or shrink the market of our used "best" stuff making it more costly for us to buy new. Yes some of the entry level stuff may be junk, but not all!

But that's not the issue for this merry go Legacy escort pump shotguns. Used equipment prices are. Just go look at the Damascus barrel thread if you doubt it. They are up in arms with Wakeman. Pmp guy even Lehacy that Randy is keeping the gun values low with all of his "safety" nonsense. You cannot learn on your own. Nope, can't do it, waste of time and money. No simulators, no DIY videos, no self teach books, no online help, no friend that is really really good can tech you. You need our Instructors to properly teach you our game. Yeah, I get standards and level playing filed, strength in numbers, but some guys act like rabid dogs if you don't swear the blood oath.