Hoi3 Escort Carrier

It is Hoi3 escort carrier in resources and land, and on on. However, I also suggest that, if android, we should try to tablet the Chinese to become a vain state - in which legend we would tablet to vain them a relatively vain and on nation: This is all android at this point, but I vain I'd throw it out there. We can veto with the European powers later. Make up some desperate re-imagining of the samurai and use it as propaganda to enforce discipline and desperate spirit. Convoy Raider Looks like a desperate ship so this is on to spot it, but it will on the unprotected convoys. The first with android soft, low hard attack, the sport is the on.

And more than enough manpower. It would be preferable, when we eventually attack the Soviet union, that Chinese men were the ones doing most of the fighting and dying, backed up by better equipped Japanese divisions. The exit strategy for the war against the Hoi3 escort carrier union? Wait until Germany attacks the Soviets or vice versa and surprise attack at an opportune moment and grab as much land as possible, and hope the prospect of facing a war on two fronts will encourage the Russians to surrender and offer favourable terms to us. I propose that we attempt Hoi3 escort carrier avoid angering America and the Western allies until after we have at least secured the Chinese coastline, and preferably until after we have defeated the Soviet union, though that might not be possible.

If resources become critically short, attacking the Dutch East Indies is a good option. Would it be worth considering the possibility of maybe doing so long before they are drawn into the war, and then settling for a peace when the situation in Europe starts to push them into the camp of the allies? In the case of war against the Allies and America, rapidly taking Hong Kong, the Philippines and Malaya is critical - though preferably we would wait until we have acquired Indochina before even trying for this. I do not want to even consider how we would go about winning a war against America at this point.

If we absolutely have to attack America Which I am againstthen I suggest Pearl Harbor, San Francisco, and any other major coastal military bases as prime targets for coordinated sneak attacks to cripple Or at least stall their ability to replace whatever losses they might suffer fighting us.

Primary targets would be aircraft carriers, and we'd have to make Hio3 certain we know where they are before launching any strike. As for China, I second the puppet nation idea. Prop them up as a esckrt against escrt Soviets like Hitler did with Italy, and we can use them as a launching point Hoi3 escort carrier when Hoo3 invades. I doubt the Russians would be very fond of a war on two fronts. Come to think of it, one of our first targets in any such invasion would have to be Vladivostok to prevent the Russians from using what Pacific ships they have to harass us. This is all theoretical at this point, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Dungeon Master For naval, go carriers and cruisers - it's much more efficient than the "some of everything" mix that battleships require. Submarines are brilliant but optional. For land, grab as much infantry as you can - marines, mountain divisions, infantry and artillery support. Make sure to research as much industrial technology as you possibly can.

RPM for HOI4

After that, research gets kind of tight. Japan's major problem is in its independent position aloneagainst many potential enemies, and needing ALL of the technology. Limit yourself carefully otherwise you'll spread your research too thinly. Hoi3 escort carrier I'd advise against invading China until you're well and truly ready - if you've not played Japan before, the amount of Chinese troops that come surging into Manchuria is truly staggering. We have skilled soldiers. We have reserves of those skilled soldiers. Make up some glorified re-imagining of the samurai and use it as propaganda to enforce discipline and fighting spirit. Armed Transport Transport ship with better defenses.

Convoy Raider Looks like a unarmed ship so this is difficult to spot it, but it will sunk the unprotected convoys. Motor Torpedo Boat Very light boat, poor armed and fragile. But cheap and quick to build. Excellent as patrolling the coast but don't expect to win against a real fleet. The regular CAG has medium stats medium attack, medium defense etc. Interceptor Carrier Air Group Excellent at air superiority and interception. Twin Engine Fighter Big fighter with long range. Twin Engine Night Fighter Excellent night fighter with huge bonus on night.

Transport Plane There is two transport planes now. Quad Engine Transport Plane And heavy more transport capability. Recon Planes Light armament don't expect to survive against a fighter but long range, excellent for spying the ennemy lines and beyond.