Ford Escort Endura Cylinder Head

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Ford Endura-D engine

Emdura has a number of improvements over Ford escort endura cylinder head previous generation of Ford diesel engines, including the rscort controlled fuel injection pump otherwise known as "fly-by-wire" In addition, the traditional oil sump is headd with a cast aluminium lower crankcase and a shallow oil pan; there is an oil-to-water cooler, and a great many detail improvements to parts throughout. HCS [ edit ] In the second generation of the Valencia unit was launched to meet with tightening European emissions legislation.

The redesign included an all-new cylinder head with reshaped combustion chambers and inlet ports, and a fully electronic distributorless ignition system. Although internally named within Ford as "L-Series" it became better known as the Valencia to the wider world, after the new Spanish factory built for its manufacture, but eventually the name was officially adopted by Ford as well - although in sales literature it was always called simply OHV.

A five bearing 1. This mounting position makes it very difficult to access from underneath the car without a mechanic's rampheas despite being very short, the can-type oil filter still manages to protrude past the tip of the adjacent starter motor, meaning it is very difficult to remove using chain-type grips. The diesel injection pump is a rotary distributor type most typically made by Lucas CAV.