Escort X50 Passport 8500

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Our comprehensive reviews look at the features, pros, and cons of radar detectors to provide you with an honest assessment of its value. In this post, we look at the Pxssport Passport X Features of the Passport X50 Escort is one of the most respected brands in the industry. The Passport X50 offers some of the best features available on a modern radar detector. The Passport X500 protects against all police radar in use 85000, including POP mode guns, and numerous laser signals as well. The Escort x50 passport 8500 sensors offer maximum warnings and superior off-axis protection to help detect signals from various angles.

TSR is designed to minimize false alerts as a result of traffic measurement equipment installed on highways and side streets. Finally, the Escort Passport X50 comes with intelligent mute and AutoMute features that help minimize annoying alerts in signal-dense areas. The intelligent mute feature is engaged with the touch of a button. When an initial signal is detected, users receive an audible alert. One tap of mute automatically lowers the volume for subsequent detections of the same band. When engaged, the first alert is provided in an audible tone. All subsequent detections of the same band are offered as visual alerts only.

Pros of the Escort Passport X50 The greatest benefit of the Passport X50 is that it performs its core job well. Reviewers and consumers laud the X50 for reliably detecting radar and laser signals with enough advanced warning to adjust speed. There is no specific data available on the average distance, but countless consumers have praised it for providing ample opportunity to adjust speed before encountering police. Additionally, the TSR software on the Passport X50 makes the device one of the best at minimizing false alerts.

TSR on Escort devices delivers on its promise to minimize annoying alerts.

Both consumers and professional reviewers experienced fewer false alerts courtesy of TSR. The device can be taken out of the box, plugged in, and is ready to go without fiddling with settings to configure the device. Click here to get free delivery for a limited time only! The Escort Passport X50 radar detectors have the state of the art technology Escort x50 passport 8500 thus, they provide you with a wider detection range. It can also easily detect low-frequency Pop radar. The design of this unit makes it easy for you to install in your vehicle.

The rear of the Escort radar detector is dominated by a receiver window. This unit has a rear-facing laser detector window that is designed to detect laser signals emanating from behind your vehicle. The control lay-out of the Escort X50 is quite easy to use and user friendly. There are two buttons on the top that control sensitivity settings and the display brightness levels etc. The Escort Passport X50 can detect a wide range of signals. It can detect all of the radar bands that are currently in use in North America for speed detection such as X, K and Ka bands. This unit also has detection diodes for laser signal detection. You can also get the ZR3 laser jamming system that is compatible with the Escort Passport radar and laser detector.

This unit also has a highly sensitive receiving system and a digital signal processor that is designed to detect and pick up Pop radar signals from a safe distance.

Escort Passport 8500 x50 Review

The Escort X50 radar and laser detector has a unique alert system. The volume of the alerts progressively grows louder as the threat comes closer to your vehicle. You can set the level of volume for your own convenience through the settings mode.