Escort Rotor Weight

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Powervane Rotors offer the ultimate Escort rotor weight disc brake technology, internally vented with curved vanes, designed not to deteriorate, warp or crack under extreme braking conditions. Super reinforced with a polyurethane coating to prevent erosion, Compbrake Performance stainless steel braided brake lines offer sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances. This unique design virtually eliminates brake-fade; each disc has 6 slotted gas vents.

The centre billet aluminium mounting top hat bell is weignt anodised to increase strength and is secured by 12 stress-relieved; high tensile; cap head plated bolts; with heat resistant locking cleave nuts. Hawk pads selected as they prove to produce the highest possible levels over a wide range of operating conditions. Included with each brake solution package Additional information.