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It will be interesting to see if viewers look at Starz's new drama series, The Girlfriend Experience, executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and inspired by his film, in the same way the creators do. On the surface, you've got a story about a smart, beautiful young woman intrigued by the idea of ultra-high-end escort services. But if co-creators Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz have their way, The Girlfriend Experience will be perceived entirely differently — as more experiment Escort girls tv experience — because the exquisitely detailed and perception-attuned series approaches its subject matter without judgment. Kerrigan Keane, Rebecca H. The element that's ultimately intriguing about what they've done here is their attempt to rejigger the narrative of "transactional relationships" so that neither the writing nor the filmmaking leads the viewer to a defining sentiment about the decisions central character Christine Reade Riley Keough makes in her life.

Friend and fellow student Avery Kate Lyn Sheil becomes a magnetic distraction for Christine because she's involved in the "GFE" world, where escorts get paid lavishly to lavish "the girlfriend experience" on successful men who want more than just sex — they want an emotional experience that amounts to baggage-free intimacy, where their money buys them a beautiful woman to not only sleep with but unburden to. It's a fantasy world of glossy perfection. Kerrigan and Seimetz calculatedly offer no typical explanation for why Christine, in this instance, falls into this world. Rather than being "broken" in some way past physical abuse, low self-esteem, addiction, etc.

There's certainly a financial incentive in play — law school is expensive, Chicago ain't cheap and internships are a hindrance. Looking at Avery's more luxurious lifestyle is the tipping point for Christine to embrace the GFE world.

TV Hall of Shame: #2 Secret Diary of a Call Girl

From that moment forward, there will no doubt be a divide in The Girlfriend Experience as a series. While Christine's work at the law firm creates an interesting secondary plot with nice turns by co-stars Paul Sparks and Mary Lynn RajskubEscort girls tv series is really about having sex and getting paid for Escort girls tv — and there's eye candy galore, as expected. The Girlfriend Experience could easily have veered off in the wrong direction, portraying Christine as a victim, which has been done to death, or triumphant, evil puppet-master, which would also be boringly one-dimensional. I mean, bike sheds: Piper seems intent on forging a career for herself as Robin Askwith du nos jours, with endless raunchy romps, comedy erections, and compromising positions.

According to the show the sex call girls have is not remotely grubby or soul-destroying but is, in fact, amusing, invigorating and sexually satisfying. Last night, one girl complained of virgins who "come too quickly" — when it's safe to assume most working girls would nothing love nothing better. Then again, Belle is such a nice girl she makes it a matter of personal pride to make sure everyone goes home happy. Being a prostitute seems such a great profession it's a wonder that more careers department don't recommend it. Any suggestion that Belle is in struggling with the morals or negative side of her chosen career is marginal; she's just gleeful at making so much money and having such a great time.

Of course, there's no possibility that Belle might be prostituting herself to support her drug habit. Neither does she ever get slapped about — or worse. Predictably, but improbably, her clean-cut, sweet-natured boyfriend doesn't mind that she gets screwed senseless 10 times a day either.

Piper seems to think that Secret Diary of a Call Girl is harmless. But it actually manages to be both trite, inane fluff and seriously pernicious, sending what is a depressing message to young girls who see Billie Piper as a role model. Perhaps if her daughter ended up on the game she might think differently.