Escort 3 Room Tent

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This is used to secure over the tent and offer a barrier from the rain, if necessary. Tent poles, which are generally connected with bungee chords or other stretchy material to keep them matched, but might not be with older tent poles, which might need to be screwed together. At the very least, there will be at least two and as many as five or six different poles, which will be made of several foot-long segments. You shouldn't need any tools to fix the tent poles together.

There should be between four and ten tent stakes. You might also want to include some kind of small hammer to fix them into the ground. Bungee ropes may Escort 3 room tent be included to fix the rain fly to the poles, or to fix the tent to the stakes. Each tent will be somewhat different. Put together, the tent poles should be six or ten feet long, snapped, fixed, or screwed together. All tent poles will be put together slightly differently, but most modern tent poles are connected with bungee ties that allow you to just snap them together without much effort. Fix them, so they're all put together, and then lay them on the ground flat. Flatten out the tent over the tarp and cross the tent poles over it, where they'll eventually go to make sure you've matched the right pole with the right location.

The most basic tents will have to long crossing poles that will form an "X" pattern across the tent, passing through the flaps. When you're sure they're oriented correctly, push the pole through the flaps and leave them flat on the ground.

Escort Pentagon 3-Person Dome Tent

Escort 3 room tent Different tents might have a few different sizes of poles, so you'll have to use your judgment to figure out which goes where, or consult the instructions. This can be the most difficult part of putting a tent together, if you don't have the instructions, but try to hold up the tent to see the basic shape of it, so see where they should go. Insert the tips of each pole into the eyelets at the end of each corner of the tent, to raise the tent and make it start taking shape. The poles should bend with some force, helping it to stand. It's usually much easier to do with a helper, standing opposite each other and bending each pole in tandem and helping hold it up.

When you've got the poles staked, you might want to fluff it gently and pull the poles out slightly to let everything settle. Again, all dome tents will be slightly different. There should be little vinyl hoops or eyelets at each corner and in the center of each side of the tent, which you should use to stake the tent to the ground. Push the stake through and into the ground to secure the tent. If you're going to be sleeping in the tent immediately, you may choose to not stake it, especially if you're in an area with lots of Screen savers of sluts and low wind. If you're going hiking though, or the wind it up, it's usually important to stake the tent to the ground so it doesn't blow away.

Fit the rain fly over Escort 3 room tent top of the tent and attach it to the tent. For some tents, the rain fly will be velcroed to the tent poles in different places, but on others it will be attached with bungee cords down to the stakes, stretching gently. Some people choose to not put the rain fly on the tent, if they're sure it won't rain while you're camping. Some rain fly tarps will obscure your ability to see out the windows of the tent, which means you might leave it off it you want. It's usually better to be on the safe side, though, and put it on. After you've got the tent up, fold the corners of the tarp up and under the tent to make sure it's out of the way.

Leaving any of it hanging out will promote water pooling underneath, if rains, so you want to make sure none of the tarp is showing. Part 3 Packing Your Tent 1 Let the tent dry. After camping, let the tent dry thoroughly in the sun before you pack it up and away, if you can, so avoid mildew building up inside the tent. Remove the rain fly, the stakes, and everything from the inside of the tent and fluff it out gently to let it air out. Never fold a tent, as you would a shirt or a flag. To avoid folding creases into the tent, you want to stuff or roll them into the stuff sack included with the tent. This will help keep the tent solid and waterproof, making it an essential maintenance step in the life of the tent.

Stuff in the tent and the rainfly into the stuff sack before you put anything else in. After you stuff in the tent and the rain fly, slide the poles and the stakes in to the side of the other materials, being careful not to catch the metal on the side of the tent and tear it. Sometimes the stakes and the poles will have separate bags to help you keep them together. Periodically, pull your tent out of the bag and let the air get to it, especially if it gets wet at some point during use. If you don't camp much, it's important to let the tent air out so you won't be confronted with a mouldering tent a year from now.

Lay the fly on the tent floor before final rolling. Do it the same way each time. Comes time to set up, the tent will lay out the right way the first time you KNOW where the door will be. The pegs and poles will be there on top. NmSven 3 years ago Really well done, thank you sooo much william. Setting up my new four man tent was the easy part - packing it up Thanks to these instructions its now safely packed up in its bag. Your a life saver Instructables! MattC2 3 years ago Reply Awesome instructable and helpful.

At the very least it will stress the silicone on nylon or similar waterproof fabric combo and cause it to leak. Tents should be dry and loosely rolled only enough to fit into the bag. I dont think this would be a concern on cheaper tents that are used for family camping or car camping type stuff. Not at all trying to bash! Just trying to share knowledge.