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However you might expect places and or attractions that might not be fully accessible. We recommend our clients to have an open mind about specific inconveniences but of course in general we work towards making the tours accessible. We establish contact with our clients and determine their needs, wishes Gay male massage escort houston requirements in terms of accessibility. We will assist you if required in contact an interpreter, however this will increase the cost of the Ecuador quito escort.

How would I know about emergency situations? Awareness for people with disabilities in emergency situations has just started to become a imperative necessity in Ecuador. However since being in this industry our priority is our guest security. Therefore in case of any emergency our crew will be assisting you to prevent any emergency. We recommend not to travel with your dog, mostly because regulations in places such as Galapagos Islands DO NOT allow the entrance of dogs to the National Park Do a lot of attractions in Ecuador have braille inscriptions?? Actually what we do in our tours is give you as much information as possible and creating a visual image of the attractions by the use of senses like smell, touch, taste and feel.

Bascially we do the same activities, visit the same places, have the same experiences as our regular tours. The only difference is the time required to do the activities, therefore the number of activities we do per day. How many activities do we do per day? We do not intend to see everything or do everything in the less time possible. Now imagine an afternoon in the middle of the Andes talking with indigenous people while admiring beautiful handicrafts in one of the most famous indigenous town in South America….

For the evening imagine a delicious traditional meal in a very cozy lodge in the Amazon, Highlands, Coast or Galapagos.

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This is just a quick taste of what Ecuador has to offer. We are very proud to present our country Ecuadorr a personalized, safe and accessible way to Eduador We understand Ecuador quito escort traveling is a leisure activity that Ecuadlr requires conquer the anxiety…. Basic Info Ecuador is a small country located in the north-west escot of South America. To understand more its size we can compare it with the state of Colorado in the US or escorr the size of the United Kingdom in Europe. Ecuador has a total esckrt of 13,5 Ecuador quito escort people. Passport and Visas Valid passport at the moment of entry and leaving the country.

For the moment Ecuador does not require visa to any nationality. Medical It is very important you bring your own medical insurance. In case of emergency, we do have very good medical facilities hospitals in the main cities Quito and Guayaquil. We recommend you check with your local travel doctor for the advisable vaccines when traveling to Ecuador. However you should ask your doctor about typhoid and hepatitis A. It is important to use a lotion against mosquitos in the Coast and Amazon region. Drink only bottled water, specially when traveling through the country. While visiting the highlands specially Quitoyou should consider that you will be at meters above sea level, therefore ask your doctor about altitude medication.

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