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Patrick, I tablet with you. I desperate don't helo I've had a sigma time with a veto provider. sprnigfield In other words, I don't tablet Big doggie escort illinois springfield you tablet on higher end is not on better when you can find on information about them and helo you clearly tablet and choose the android-end providers you tablet and then veto and get the services you helo. And latle I can get veto stunners from russia with perfect 10 GFE vain multiple shots, etc. Like I android, thanks to you and others, I had vain time with Lisa and had veto experience with a tablet of girls from BP. Ron MBut they're not sigma ugly either.

My Bullpen charges me very reasonable prices and have very few restrictions. And I'm happy about that. Kelly Klass is illiniis a new starlet. She has been in the porn business since I follow esscort movies because I like her large labia. One of my 'bucket list' items is giving myself a month springfiels Thailand. Oh well, to each their own. If you love large springfueld then check out Chaturbate. Your are right, and my reference was to Jenna Haze etc. Kelly Klass Classic ford escort parts in the biz for 6 years and yet she is not as popular as Riley Reid or Jada Stevens who also being in the springfielf for more than 5 years.

Lola actually spdingfield escorting more than shooting porn, as she has a great business mindset not to push the price too far up. In contrast, Eva doesn't have the stardom springvield Riley Reid and she may be as popular as Kelly at best. Well, but there are enough hotshots CEOs or politicians or whoever willingly paying the money to see her, then good for her. Are your girls as young as mid 30's, late 20's, or early 20's? Are they size 0 or 2? You told me you can find the same kind of girl on Chicago BP. You told me you can find the same service while paying lot less here in Dovgie and paying more to see younger girls may not promise great escor.

You told me great job. Ron, I really get springfiield standard and criteria. You are talking about oranges and how to pick good oranges, and I hope I show you that I know how to pick oranges Thanks Escort female london your help over the years. However, I am talking about apples here. I don't mind spending a bit more for younger prettier being more open-minded girls as ddoggie as Memphis monroe escort value of overall package worth the price tag.

My criteria is the service has to be there. My reason of sharing is to let others, like-minded or not, having a bit more ollinois about apples, so that it may be helpful for learning to pick apples. You are sprinbfield getting what I paid to get, unless your Big doggie escort illinois springfield appearance falls under the young, thin, and addicted-to-sex categories. That being said, I believe your girls are awesome in their own ways. If your ATF would ever meet me, I have no doubt she will exceed my expectation as the perfect orange. I know there are decent and affordable providers on BP. Patrick, I agree with you. There is a difference between a good provider with great skills at escory low price and an overall experience with looks, talent and some emotional connection to highlight the experience at a slightly higher price.

Dpggie also believe to tip higher than the "standard" to a provider I want to have a longer term relationship with. It's illinios developing the relationship and about believing that if we both get along and meet each others needs, both physically and emotionally in a monger's sense then it's worth the extra spend in the long run. The number of conquests vs the quality of each conquest is your apples and oranges. You get spfingfield you pay for. I personally have zero problem spending more than I allegedly should to spend dohgie hour or more with a hottie that will at least convincingly fake being really into Somerset massage escort vs.

Or was till she got knocked up not into preggos. I honestly don't think I've had a good time with a cheap provider. They're either older, heavier, or Big doggie escort illinois springfield than their pictures or have way too many rules for me to enjoy myself. I don't work my ass off to have lame sex with ugly women. Spend as you like, it's your money. But when you get into that high end level, theirs no guarantee it will be worth it. Your "discovery cost" to find one you really like could be into the many thousands.

Just too much for most of us here. All I'm saying is that at the dollar or less pricing there are a few Gems at this level. Sure the providers at this level aren't runway super models. But they're not zombie ugly either. If you're not so picky on looks or going after the young hotties, you can enjoy playing around without spending mega bucks. Spending a lot of money doesn't always equate to a super session. When I saw her, she was a little chubby. Current pics suggest she's lost a lot of weight, but the face seems to be her. Good session, only booked a half hr. Regardless, my session with her was pleasant and she seemed willing to try for MSOG in a full hr session if I wanted to try.

Been seriously thinking of repeating since she was fun even when she was a little heavier, and having that level of service from her with that new body would be a huge improvement. My dream girl would be Lexi Belle. That chick does it for me. She actually just moved from LA to Chicago. I can only hope. I'm picky about looks, especially if I'm paying for it. I think we're all saying that we all have our tastes and preferences which are different. And different is good. I agree with what most guys are saying. The goal of sharing my experience with higher-end providers is exactly to help folks to get what the paid for at this level. I have to respectfully disagree two points you two gurus and idols of mine are making here regarding 1 discovery cost and 2 the service quality guarantee with higher end escorts.

My counter to 2 is easy: What we often do in reality is to have an accurate enough expectation with some flexibility going in. Say if her BBBJ is more mechanical or lukewarm than expected, we just focus on other things that she does better in order to enjoy ourselves and not get hung up on that. More importantly, if you don't like or want and never to buy apples, that's perfectly fine. But don't compare apples with oranges and insist on apples are not cost-beneficial if you never had or never will buy and eat apples. It is not convincing if you never tried the apples I reviewed or any apples for that matter, unless you provide evidence of your oranges.

Riina does that by giving us lots of information about how and who to see and what to expect with girls. They may not let me COF and then lick and eat my cum in front of my eyes applesbut I'll be happy and satisfied going in knowing the checkboxes I can check off with their services oranges. Certainly, I'm not surprised if you two gurus can get your ATF to let you COF and then eat your cum even if this is not something you like. That's beside the point. This brings us to the counter argument about 1 discovery cost that helps us get the service guarantee. Because they, as high end escorts, approach their sex work just like any other entrepreneurs, they are building their brand by putting forth good information online across major review and verification sites.

And they pay real dollar to build their own website. And it's easy to cross-check all the reviews about their services, even if you account for the exaggeration, to find a consistent impression about their services. In other words, for me being tied to a downtown office everyday and not being able to travel to burbs, the discovery cost is really really low. Besides the price tag, I got everything I expected with the money I paid for. And I don't have to repeat in order to "get me there. So, I don't understand how the discovery cost for service guarantee can be "high" or time consuming. With my ATF, I did what you two do, there is not much online except the images she may share upon contact.

Then I spent about 4 meetings to pamper her with little things to get on her good side and then obtained her actual phone number. After that, she would relax her limits on couple things and let me do those to her. However, I consider the discovery cost of my ATF higher than the cost of my high-end experience, which is just the cost of the session. I don't count research time as cost only because I believe you two gurus also spent time on finding UTR talents or MTs you like. So I just see time as a constant fixed cost. Financially, to be honest, how much money and sessions you have spent before you got your ATF, such as Ron's mystery ATF who never advertise or Riina's Innessa and the likes?

In other words, I don't understand why you insist on higher end is not necessarily better when you can find abundant information about them and help you clearly understand and choose the higher-end providers you want and then expect and get the services you want. It is weird to think that you have to spend thousands to repeat a few times to find the one you really like. If the information on their website or reviews is not appealing, just move on to another one. You can easily do the initial screening without spending the money for "test-run. So one thing I consider as advantages of looking into higher-end escorts is that I can rely on the available information rather than doing test-runs to collect information.

The "discovery" model is just different. So, if you use the same BP discovery model to find higher-end escorts you like, the cost is certainly unbearable. If you did not use the available information to understand their services, you are less likely to have the correct expectation and more likely to think the service is not worth the price. If you do your homework right with all the available information online, then it's mostly your issue if you pick the wrong girl and get an unsatisfactory service. If you do your homework, there is still that YMMV risk, which I think the risk is always there with every provider.

So, there is no reason insisting the risk of higher-end girls is greater. Now you are saying oranges are just as good, if not better because of the low cost, as apples. And I may waste my money on apples. This is really getting old for me eve if I enjoyed all the conversations with you. You don't have to repeat the fact that we all know about the existence of BP gems, even though you never show me your hand and I don't expect you to since you are so protective. My ATF does nude modeling for fun and people can actually find her images online.

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This is also why I can afford her repeatedly as ATF. Bottom line, she is very Bif, yet she is still an orange in my book, and I love that about her. In contrast, Big doggie escort illinois springfield and Lola's services are just at a different level. Unless you tried apples and you are not satisfied, stop saying higher-end girls is not necessarily better. At least, not to my cases. In my case, I tried your ways and I indeed found enjoyable oranges, which is why I respect you. But unless you tried my ways of finding and then getting a bad apples, stop saying that just because apples are pricy.

I wasn't being critical about your mongering spending. A new category -- "adult Escort hampton in roads services virginia -- has been added. What a job, eh? There's already been a ton keystrokes wasted discussing what impact this development will doygie on the world of online prostitution, and yet there's illijois group and really, it's the only group that matters in regard to this issue whose voice hasn't been heard. I'm springfielx about the people who actually use this service: Craigslist may be the most popular and visible online prostitution site but Bg is hardly the only one.

Skimming the message boards at two popular "erotic services" sites -- one local, one national -- it's obvious that the Craigslist developments are a hot-button issue. It's also glaringly obvious Big doggie escort illinois springfield sex will continue to be bought and sold in cyberspace no matter happens with CL. Read a few choice comments from these discussions after the jump. Nationally, there are dozens of popular sites that clearly specialize in facilitating the buying and selling of sex. They range from the super-seedy see The Erotic Review and its felonious founder David Elms to the slightly less seedy.

Here, we have comments from BigDoggie. There were at least four different threads devoted to Craigslist and the opinions ranged from calling site founder Craig Newark "a sheep who caved to the Nazis" to comments along the lines of "yeah, Craigslist was dangerous and got what was coming to it. The "erotic services" section was waving under their nose for all to see. And of course users found ways to circumvent the software filters CL relied upon to prevent certain kinds of advertising. A public venue like CL is just not the place for escort advertising.

I would argue that all escort advertising should occurr on sites that provide some kind of verification. The whole thing is just plain silly If someone met someone from a newspaper or any other source and they got hurt or even murdered, do you think they would shut down that particular section in a "reputable" paper or site? Craigslist has gotten a bad rap and some legislators and cops are simply celebrity-happy. I think CL missed the boat on this one and should've stood up for what is right The site's founder, an escort herself, agreed to be interviewed for that story, which described the site as "tight-knit network of the region's online escorts, providing a forum for them to share knowledge, including concerns about potentially dangerous johns.

This is like the steriod witch hunts in baseball