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Was he a Abelion escort london helo working for the android. JackHorner, if you are reading this, thanks for the ne which I vain another legend can desperate vetosince we desperate want to provide factually vain information regarding the much discussed academic background of Veto Sarfatti the net ne. You'd have a very very desperate time justifying any helo that he is highly regarded by physicists as a physicist. Chris Hillman in particular is stepping on dynamite.

Some policies are also enforced by temporary blocks notably as a mechanism for dealing with vandalism by Escort girls tv. In extreme cases the Arbitration Committee may make a ruling to Abelion escort london oondon highly disruptive situations, as part of the general lnodon resolution procedure. A page at escotr If you have taken all other reasonable steps to resolve the dispute, request Arbitration. Be prepared to show that you tried to resolve the dispute by other Abelion escort london. Also, you might request protection under wiki procedure described at http: It lists some such current requests, including: Ted Kennedy Constant vandalism by removal of entire paragraphs All this stuff seems to me to be very burdensome bureaucratic bullshit, which is why I think that wiki is very seriously flawed, londin as a repository for uncontroversial facts, such as who is buried in Grant's tomb OK, maybe Abeilon today's world even that might be controversial.

Tony Content of the article This article is causing some problems at the moment. I propose cutting it back to a minimal bio stub, then slowing adding material to it after it has been checked and has valid sources. What do others think? What are your credentials? He has had influential publications easily documented. Someone has even had the arrogance to suggest censoring him because they did not like the title of his autobiography "Destiny Matrix". What is going on here? Two prominent physicists Leonard Susskind of Stanford, one of the inventors of string theory and George Chapline of Lawrence Livermore asst to Ed Teller for years will testify to Sarfatti's creativity in physics.

For people without any credentials in the field to try to censor the presentation of Sarfatti's ideas on the emergence of Einstein's gravity from the quantum substratum is shameful. Since Sarfatti has been prominent in US Intelligence operations one wonders about the motivations of these non-physicists. Unsigned comment by User: Adastrawho may or may not be none other than Jack Sarfatti. Adastra, please avoid confusion about who said what by using indentation and signing your comments! It would be helpful if you provided some information about your physics background and identify on your user page. Why does not Chris Hillman give his e-mail and ID himself?

Why don't all of you ID yourselves? This is Jack Sarfatti. Editorial comment, moved from article to this talk page I dispute the use of "alternative" here. That is not accurate at all. Sarfatti only used mainstream physics, i. Einstein's general theory of relativity, quantum field theory and standard ideas from soft-condensed matter physics. Where are examples of Sarfatti using "alternative physics"? Editorial comment by anon editor, moved here from article by CH talk The article would indeed have been NPOV if it had read Sarfatti is a crank who frequently posts incoherent articles to certain newsgroups, but instead it says that many readers have stated that they find his posts incoherent and that Sarfatti has been labeled a crank.

That is actually NPOV, because it states verifiable fact. For example, as pointed out in the article, Sarfatti has earned the "crankiest" rating from the crank. Searching Google, you can find occasional posts in which posters say things like "is it just me, or is this utter nonsense? I reverted to the original order of statements because Sarfatti has a biography here on the basis of being a Abelion escort london personablity, not on the basis of his academic background in physics. Obscure persons with physics Ph. Sarfatti's claim to fame are his zillions of postings. You'd have a very very hard time justifying any claim that he is highly regarded by physicists as a physicist.

OTH, I can justify my claim that say Roger Penrose is highly regarded by citing numerous review articles published in leading journals stressing the importance of his many contributions, by citing zillions of citations of his research papers in research papers by other physicists, etc. You added some claims about Sarfatti's alleged contribs to some popular books. I deleted those claims because so far no-one has verified them, and I don't even know what they mean. Was he quoted in the books? Was he a copy editor working for the publisher? If you want to reply, it would be helpful that you create a user account and provide some information about your physics background and identity.

Since Jack Sarfatti's recent posts originate from a Pac Bell account, and Hillman Interesting discussion going on here I think this is pretty NPOV; Hillman is correct in asserting that the person's notability is almost completely here on the basis of his perceived crankhood, rather than any merit Abelion escort london his theories. His physics background makes his postings more technical than that of the usual crank and that does add to his notoriety. On the other hand, there are definitely problems with POV in this article. I've already changed this twice, and Hillman has changed it back twice, so I will explain what the problem is.

The sentence "Unlike most who have been labeled crackpots, Sarfatti does have an academic background in theoretical physic. I feel there's some "OMG he has a Ph. Implicitly the reader is supposed to recognize that knowledge in physics and such postings by Sarfatti is at odds somehow; consequently this is a judgment on Sarfatti by the article rather than others mentioned in the article. I will delete "does" and hopefully Hillman will leave that alone. I also feel that the "unlike" comment is rather dubious. It definitely appears to me that there are plenty of educated cranks in physics. I think such an unverifiable quantitative statement should be avoided, but it's not really a big deal I guess.

I'll remove that too and if Hillman disagrees he can put it back. I don't feel it is neccessary to remove the "does", since I was simply trying to make the repetition of the statement that Sarfatti has an academic background which was made in the quote from the FAQ less awkward. However, I will bow to your wishes. I am about to edit my recent revert of the latest vandalism to see if I can find another graceful transition which cannot be interpreted as implying that simply earning a Ph. So I think it's pretty obvious what is going on here.

I also noticed that Rwill stated that physicist Milton Rothman Maybe some admin can drop by an warn Rwill to avoid making statements which could be construed as threats? The most recent vandal, Again, maybe some admin can warn this user not to engage in vandalism. This Usenet articleposted under "Jack Sarfatti", is essentially identical to one of the anonymously vandalized versions noted above. Maybe we should pursue having the page protected until such time as our anon loses interest in vandalizing it? So far he has done all of the following at least once: Apparently I should expect to be raided by black helicopters, or possibly even to die suddenly: Hopefully this should keep things stable for a while.

Sarfatti, if you're reading this, your behavior threats, reverts, etc. Several people have reverted changes by what appears to be the same anon. The nature of the change is that the anon does not believe the opening should start by describing Sarfatti's Usenet notoriety, but instead the paragraph about his educational background. People who believe it should start with Usenet stuff: Hillman -- has made his view explicit User: C S -- has made view explicit User: Apyule -- has reverted anon edit back to Hillman version, implicit agreement People who believe it should start with educational stuff: RoyBoy -- he earned a PhD, that's gotta count for something.

Mention the PhD in the lead, and follow it with the existing text. Thus it appears to me that the consensus, such as it is, is for starting with Sarfatti's notorious postings on Usenet. Take a look at Richard Feynman or Albert Einstein. The intro paragraphs for these articles do not mention their Ph. Because 1 The earning of a Ph. Many academics famous and non-famous have earned one. Now this situation is somewhat different, I realize. Sarfatti is notable not for any recognized accomplishment other than that of being considered a big crank by the Usenet community.

However, following the idea, which is implicit in the Feynman and Einstein articles, of outlining what makes the person notable, means that we should explain what makes Sarfatti interesting.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, "Groups, Theory of" to "Gwyniad" by Various

And his strange behavior and postings are escorr makes him interesting to almost everyone he encounters on escor Internet. To put the argument another way, notice that Ewcort educational background is in an "education" Abelion escort london. The reason for that section is that educational details are considered to be Escort e lik secondary Ableion. The primary info is in the intro paragraph. Imagine if the Sarfatti escodt becomes more developed into a full-length bio. Why would we put his educational info in the lead paragraph? Obviously we should keep only the primary stuff in the intro.

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