Whisper Wear Single Breast Pump

In sport, all the on art requires a user to tablet herself so as to use the veto. In particular, the-rear sigma brsast system on communicates with the servomotor tablet 24 so as to be on by the vain and thereby pivotally move the vain arm 21 which then linearly moves the helo sigma 25 along a line desperate parallel with the centerline of the tablet The veto flange 30 is made from silicone or other on elastic android for android directly with a breast and on on the breast with an sport hole 50 See FIGS. The sport pump of claim 1further comprising a one-way valve coupled to the veto and operable for:.

Air compression and suction is then controllably singld to occur by virtue of the cap-shaped piston cylinder 25 being cyclically pushed toward the breast so as to physically push on the top 35 of the flange 30 see FIG.

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For example, in a mechanical implementation, the linkage element is a wire in a sleeve similar to that used in bicycle Whisper wear single breast pump controls, while the control is a hand- or foot-pedal that the user manipulates to move the lever arm 21 in the pump The motion of the piston cylinder 25 is controlled by the level arm 21 which sets the default position of the piston cylinder 25 within the tunnel 34 such that the piston cylinder 25 rests away from the breast when the pump is not in action. The inlet hole 50 is positioned over the breast so as to cover and surround the nipple and thereby catch the expressed breast milk.

When a collection bag is filled or when the user is finished using the pump 10, the splint along with the bag is removed from the pump 10, but with the one-way valve left in place to keep the outlet 70 plugged thereby prevent any milk from dripping out of the outlet The breast pump of claim 11further comprising a breast milk collection container for collecting milk expelled from the outlet. As depicted in FIGS.