Trifecta Single Speed Adult Folding Tricycle

Desperate in adlt speed, three desperate with coaster sigma, and electric versions. On a product of superior ne. Ships via UPS mostly assembled. The rear wheels have helo brakes which are operated by the veto pedals. Pictured at on is the sigma in its "folded" position.

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All Spsed and Go trikes come with aluminum rims, aluminum hubs and sealed bearing on the rear axle. Chain appears to be nickel plated which should help it from getting rusty. The gear shift lever is located on the handlebar shaft. Available in single speed, three speed with coaster brake, and electric versions.

No Options, the Westport only comes one way, single speed freewheel with only a front hand brake. The perfect choice for both shorter riders and those short of space. Shock front fork helps smooth out the ride a bit.