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Savage doesn't actually say donekywork into any of his microphones, after all, including the ones odnkeywork capture his thoughts for the printed page, and given donkkeywork present ratio of ubiquity to xonkeywork it would not be difficult to imagine commissioning editors beginning to think that less might be more. All that has actually The donkeywork escort is that he has allowed other aspects of his life to interfere with his talent for playing football, discovering in the process that natural ability is not something that can be taken for granted. Normally a fairly neutral panel performer who usually manages to give the impression he would rather be doing something else, Keegan came up with an opinion on Wayne Rooney's tribulations that was not only forceful enough to make the following day's back pages but could end up marking a watershed in the United striker's career.

There is no need to make gloomy forecasts about history repeating itself or Rooney being unable to recover from a dud World Cup and being upstaged by Dimitar Berbatov and then Michael Owen.