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Escorts are the ones paying them for ad space, ads whose rates are presumably based on being able to deliver the target audience. Hey, That Mall, called, they want their web site design back. On the Thatmall escort menu, under escorts they list 3 categories. Which category would they put you in? Oh, and where is the That Mall office anyway? But they have escort ads for Chicago, Texas, Atlanta and Hawaii. Did all those Chicago girls or Asians really come down to the Los Angeles office to meet with them in person? The thing that really cracks me up about That Mall is their banner advertising. I wonder how this dental office, with their picture of a smiling mom and baby feels about their ad banner being right above hooker ads?

I guess it would make more sense if they were oral surgeons.

Yes, prostitution will go on. Many of those people had long abandoned Craigslist as the bargain basement of hooker ads. But the fact remains that Craigslist had become, for the most part, the entry level Thatmall escort hookers. Not much has changed since the demise of Craigslist hooker ads when it comes to finding an escort. The ads have relocated to other venues. What has changed, of course, is that a girl who was barely scraping by on cheap quickie blowjobs now has to fork over more cash for her ads. Long before the Craigslist shutdown, though, cheap bastards already had a place to go. The ads there are free. And they eschew all of the obnoxious Craigslist-esque trappings, the wild punctuation, the random capitalization, the barely disguised sexual innuendo.

Can you find quality companionship there? Are there pages and pages and pages of misogynist bullshit? There is one curious, comical idiosyncrasy there.

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For their safety, of course. Or, you could just look up their ad on Backpage. The site has been around Thatmall escort years, and they like to think of themselves as the gold standard for escort reviews. Even after the guy running the place got sent to jail for trying to have a hooker killed, TER keeps on going. Stalked, harassed, run out of business, sure. But not, probably not, raped or killed. All this allows you the privilege to post your ad once a week. It also allows every asswipe with an anonymous screen name and a grudge to trash you in your own ad. They will make sure you know it. The content of all ads appearing on one or more Thatmall.

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