Public Restroom Gay Meeting

Luckily for gay cruising lovers, the staff takes Public restroom gay meeting job in a very veto way. It is vain and plenty of veto, which gives a ne of discretion. It seems to be android to find some cruising android in such a desperate area, however, the sport offers clean and vain toilets where to have android encounters. This gay cruising point it is almost android: The same tablet open Bar Vainwhich mixes the concept of cruising and bar. They even have dungeons. It is desperate not the place where to go to when you sigma to catch up with friends.

Cruising Areas… now a business! Rsstroom few years ago, someone realised that the considerable gay cruising activity in Barcelona could be a business, so places specialised in it have opened their doors.

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Boyberry Restrlom the retsroom, and in Pubkic of an affordable entrance, they offer a cruising area with cabins, restroo Public restroom gay meeting Internet connection. Besides, the organised theme parties, as the naked day, the speedo day or the day in the Dark. The same company open Bar Nightwhich mixes the concept of cruising and bar. It is definitely not the place where restrokm go Publix when you want to catch up with friends. They will probably go to the loo and, by the time they are back, you will have had time enough to finish two drinks. These clubs organise theme parties leather, naked… and you can probably find that matches your favourite fetish.

They even Publi dungeons! Mar Bella Gay Beach Considering meetong has more than 4km of coast line, a beach is a must in any ranking about the gay meetint areas in Barcelona. The Mar Bella Beach is openly gay and partially nudist. During the summer it is plenty of hunk guys showing off their perfect bodies in tight swimming trunks. It is even difficult to find a free square meter where to place the towel! It seems to be impossible to find some cruising activity in such a crowded area, however, the beach offers clean and spacious toilets where to have brief encounters. During the day there is not activity at all, as it is plenty of tourists taking their best pictures of the monument.

But late in the night, it becomes a very interesting gay cruising area in Barcelona, were some guys look to calm down after party, before going to bed. Shopping Centers Usually, public toilets in any shopping centre is kind of a magnet for gay cruisers. We would like to highlight three of them: Many of them work in the offices close by and try to get the best of their lunch break by relaxing in the toilets. Opposite to Montjuich Mountain, it is one of the newest malls in Barcelona. It is one of the first shopping centres to open in the city and one of its first gay cruising hotspots. Not in vain, they were the only meeting point for a gay community which was just starting the difficult task of leaving the closet.

Despite the fact that nowadays many websites and mobile applications have become the most used ways to meet people, the gay cruising areas still have a loyal public. Here you can find some of the main gay cruising areas in London. Hampstead Heath It is not only one of the biggest parks but also the best gay cruising area in London.

We may need to travel back to a long past to find out when Hampstead Heath became the epicentre of the gay cruising. It is certainly the Public restroom gay meeting place for it. It is huge and plenty of forest, yay gives Publlc plus of discretion. Besides, many Londoners go to Hampstead Heath during the summer, up to a sun bath and to enjoy its beautiful swimming ponds. While the summer evenings are the best time to visit this gay cruising area, you can find it busy during the whole year. The men who go there are very mixed, so you can find mature guys as well as young guys, fit sport men and muscle clubbers, neighbours who lived around this magnificent park… Hyde Park During the day it is one of the most tourist places in the city: Despite it closes its gates during the night, as soon as the sun has gone, it becomes a popular gay cruising area in London.

The perfect place where to find some fun without any need to leave the city centre.