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I don't desperate sassy on or ass. On is what I tablet to be another sport that operates out of Scotts at Commerce Dr that lists as in "new Cumberland". When you say the pic is old, has she changed for the legend since then. However, my veto is that: If you have any providers you suggest, please PM me.

I toss her another Harfisburg can't find a rubber and I end up DIY. She was the cutest thing Harrisburg pa escort incall Hareisburg seen advertising in the area but that's about all incsll had going for her. I will not repeat, but if you really need some playtime you could do worse for yourself. Here is her current ad. Doesn't sound like a deal to me. Nope, not a deal at all. Unless something else pops up around here I think I'm going to have to travel for my fun. If a monger is dying to see someone and can't make the trip to a city with better talent she at least won't rob you and she's not LEO. But yea, I won't be back.

Any comments on the service?

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Sounds like if you bring a raincoat problems can be avoided, what about otherwise? How was the mic work? When you say the pic is old, has she changed for the worse since then? She's a heavy smoker, and her place reeks of cigarettes. I did a half hour. She came out of the bathroom in a bra and panties. I started on my stomach, she gave a pretty good back rub with light oil actually for about 2 minutes, then had me flip over. She dropped the bra, and started on a pretty decent BBBJ.

She was nice, talkative but not too much so. I won't be returning if for no other reason than that her apartment grossed me out. So, I'm in town for the week and was incakl some research. This is a tough place, man. I respect ps successful monger out here because it takes Hartisburg LOT of work. My research ibcall upon this beauty on BP: Erotic singles, when I searched oThER sites, she had a boatload of previously posted pics, all posted in sites for nearby areas. The one review I Harrisburg pa escort incall was positive, but I was unable to validate the reviewer's credibility as I did not have access to any of his previous reviews.

What do you think? Thanks for the field report. That written, she does have a number of ads in adjacent areas Lancaster, York and a quick check of the ph num was encouraging for posts going back several months. If you decide to go for it, be sure to post your field report. Presumably that includes CFS, though the previous report indicates maybe not? She actually seemed Harrisbutg that Harrisvurg didn't use the whole 30 minutes though obviously no money came back. There is a new review posted on T3 R today which is not particularly flattering re reality vs the pics. Caddie Master She very nice, and her face is pretty but there is a reason she isn't smiling in her pics.

Extras were offered but I opted out, LOL. Consistently mid thirties, skinny, Chinese nationals who speak no English. No back door, but most will allow heavy finger roaming on the outside if you assure her you will not stick it in. Chinese woman are submissive if she feels safe. Rotating roster, hit or miss. Several NY providers are competing for business. I had consistent good luck with "Lewesburry Rd. I been going off and on this for years. You can walk out if you don't like the girl. Are you talking about this one? Is this your first post? If you've been going on and off for years, why are you just posting now?

Something doesn't seem totally on the up and up. Obviously, the pics are not real. Seth Gecko Added on October 20, Really extraordinary. What more can you ask. A truly remarkable experience with a lovely soul. Thanks so much for a very memorable and fun time! Some might say you resemble a short haired Salma Hayek Bronzed, curvy, stunning eyes. I am not a hobbyist by any means but let me tell you this woman is special. If you look up the word GFE in the dictionary is should have her picture right beside it. Had an amazing time and seriously can't wait till our next adventure. If you treat her right she will exceed any expectations you may have.

She is my new favorite. I may be ruined for life. What an unbelievable comfortable, and genuine woman. Smart, wonderful, and incredibly sexy. I know one thing, nobody else will get me. Gordon Added on September 25, Cece is one in a million. She looks better in person and she is a joy to be around. I could write pages but what you should do is see for yourself. Looking into your eyes just melts me and I love your bronzed, hot bod. Too many girls are so jaded but you are truly genuine and caring. You really put it all out.