Ford Escort Mk6 Bodykits

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In Junesix years into bodgkits Ford escort mk6 bodykits UK edcort, Ford announced the completion of the two millionth Ford Escort, a ezcort hitherto unmatched by any Ford model outside the US. The Escort had conventional edcort drive and a four-speed manual gearboxor three-speed automatic transmission. The suspension consisted of MacPherson strut front suspension and a simple live axle mounted on leaf springs. The Escort was the first small Ford to use rack-and-pinion steering. The Mark I featured contemporary styling cues in tune with its time: Less than two years after launch, Ford offered a four-door version of the Escort.

Initially, the Escort was sold as a two-door saloon with circular front headlights and rubber flooring on the "De Luxe" model. The "Super" model featured rectangular headlights, carpets, a cigar lighter and a water temperature gauge. A cc engine was also available in some export markets such as Italy and France. This tiny engine remained popular in Italy, where it was carried over for the Escort Mark II, but in France it was discontinued during This version featured additional instrumentation with a tachometer, battery charge indicator, and oil pressure gauge. The same tuned 1.

Ford Escort (Europe)

Later, an "executive" version of the Escort was produced known as the Ford escort mk6 bodykits. Bodykirs featured the bodykts 13" road wheels and flared bodyykits of the Ezcort, but was trimmed in an upmarket, for that time, fashion with wood trim on the dashboard and door Forf. A higher performance version for rallies and Ford escort mk6 bodykits was available, the Escort Twin Cam, built for Group 2 international rallying. This engine had originally been developed for the Lotus Elan. The Escort, driven by Australian driver Frank Gardner went on to comfortably win the championship. The Mark I Escorts became successful as a rally car, and they eventually went on to become one of the most successful rally cars of all time.

What are the Bodykits, Bumpers and Sideskirts made from? We also sell parts made from ABS plastic and Polyurethane. All Fibreglass parts are made from over 4 layers of Fibreglass and they are machine tested for any imperfections. Are the parts hard to fit? We recommend that all our parts are fit by a professional bodyshop, with experience in fitting aftermarket parts. All the parts we sell require an experienced technician to take off your original parts and then install the new parts. By leaving your parts in the hands of a professional bodyshop, you can be safe in the knowledge that the parts will be correctly sprayed and fitted.

Do the parts come in primer?

All our Fiberglass parts are sold with a courtesy coat of primer. All ABS plastic parts are supplied in plastic form. We recommend all Ford escort mk6 bodykits prep work is undertaken by a professional bodyshop. What if it doesn't fit correctly? If any of the parts we sell do not fit correctly. It is very rare we find that a part will not fit, but if problems do occur, then we will either send out a replacement on a priority delivery or offer a full refund. Please be aware that we do require photo evidence, via email or post, for all claims.