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I licked extra-fast in an effort to mitigate my error. Instead of ordering Cum sluts piss to stop, he just walked away, causing me pisa fall forward. He pisa down in a chair and grabbed a beer out of the mini-fridge beside him. Nonchalantly he kicked off his shoes, and opened the beer, taking a satisfied swig. He set the beer down and his trademark sadistic smile appeared. After finishing his beer, Master walked over to me, carrying the open bottle. I stood up slowly, my legs aching from not having moved for so long. I took the bottle and placed it between my legs and started to pee. A sweet relief came over me. When I finished I looked at my master.

He grabbed the bottle from my hands. I complied, and saw droplets of urine here and there from where I had missed the bottle. I guess I'm just too stupid to be able to do it. Well I can't have a piss-stained floor, can I? He knew how much I hated pee, and that was why he loved to use it as a punishment. I crouched low to the ground and began to lap it up. While I did, I felt something hot and wet hit my hair. I looked up and saw him pouring the bottle of piss onto my head.

The smell overwhelmed me and I tried not to gag. After I had finished cleaning up the pee, my master grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to my Cum sluts piss. He thrust the bottle back into my hand. It was now about half-empty. This is your punishment for earlier. You know what Cum sluts piss mean. I couldn't help but sputter at the taste. I had to stop for a moment, but when I did, Master grabbed the bottom of the bottle and thrust it up to my lips. When I had finished, he sank down on the couch. I crouched back down onto my knees and crawled to him. He pulled them down and I could see his erect cock poking out through his boxers. He pulled them down as well.

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