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What a lousy design! But even worse was the behavior of the employees and the card dealers. The women Arizona escort review board checked us in was so confused about how to get to our room that it took her about 5 minutes to figure Arizona escort review board where our room was located. At one point she actually had to go look at Blue Prints of the property printed on huge sheets just to figure out how to explain the way to our room. We actually had to carry our bags between rows of slot machines to get to our room. Even if you choose to valet park it's a very long walk through the casino to the rooms in the hotel. When we finally found the elevators we asked an employee if there was a faster way to our room to which he replied: Then, he rudely suggested that we might like it better at the Hampton Inn down the street.

We have never been spoken to so rudely by a hotel employee! In the elevator we could not find a button for our floor. We had to get back out of the elevator and hunt down an employee who informed us that the 12th floor is numbered C1 and the 13th floor is numbered C2. Wow, how incredibly stupid! I love playing blackjack and I have never witnessed a shouting match at a blackjack table and here on a Thursday night I witnessed TWO such incidents that easily could have turned into fist fights including one at the table where I was playing!

Sitting rreview angry drunken men screaming the F word at each booard is not what I call a good time. Our free January party at esort "Sky Excort Condo had about great folks attending, including 35 providers Beautiful senior sluts of which provided time and other items which were raffled off. Of course nothing sexual Arizona escort review board legally questionable takes place at our parties for the protection of everyone. The Private List is especially important with the current aggressive LE raids as well as Sheriff Joe promising to come after providers yet again. It is well known that local LE monitors the public boards and has sent up stings to entrap both providers and customers.

Providers have been convicted of prostitution and spend time in Tent City even when no sex took place or no money exchanged hands. A jury in convicted one provider based entirely on the use of the phase "full service" on an agency website listing her. Arizona law now mandates a mandatory 15 day jail term for a first offense prostitution conviction even when its in private consenting adults. Many citizens believe this is a waste of public resources when their is so much real crime vs.

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We have never had any LE boatd on the Private List and there are legal reasons why it is far safer. He choked reviee to the point of passing out before his further attacks. I developed a close relationship with very escort friendly LE the escrt of sex crimes division that providers felt Arizona escort review board positive about Arizons being persuaded to trust them with the details of the assaults. He was indicted, convicted, and sentenced to over years in prison. A big benefit of Private List membership is you will be sent achieves of the most recent reviews. In addition archives of the list from present are available upon request. Some providers offer discounts for their time to list members since they are usually so nice and safer than from public sources.

Of course you can not pay for anything sexual only time, in the U. We also have a new banner exchange page for those List supportive providers that are public and want to exchange banners at http: Thanks for all you do for the list. Because of you and the list, I haven't been ripped off in a long time.