Adult Single Ply Cloth Diapers

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Once folded properly, Flat Diapers can be cloht with diaper pins, snappi fasteners, or within any wrap-style cloth diaper cover. Single-use liners are made of cellulose and are both flushable and biodegradable; they are often referred to as rice paper liners.

Gauze Diapers

The outer layer of a Pocket Diaper is typically made from a water-resistant or waterproof fabric, eliminating the need for a cloth diaper cover. The Diaper Slngle Quality DSQ Cotton Prefolds clloth in two colors - bleached and unbleached; unbleached prefold diapers are light tan in color and require additional washing for each diaper to reach full absorbency. Cloth diaper covers are a necessity with any Prefold Diaper because they do not have a waterproof outer barrier. They aren't exactly a prefold diaper, although they are sewn in layers. Think of a three lane highway and you can grasp the visual.