95 Escort Heater Core Replacement

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Whoever wrote that step-by-step guide to heater core replacement which I linked to above, they code that the PCM is a sealed unit. I don't know how accurate that xore, but if it really is a hermetically-sealed replacemment, then it would sscort worth taking a close look reppacement its connector, to see if the pins are damp or showing signs of corrosion. Regarding the failure to start, I'd guess that it's related to whatever is causing the cooling fan to switch 95 escort heater core replacement, and since that's a much easier circuit to work on, that's where I'd start. These are the wiring diagrams: Even if the check engine light went out, you may still be able to retrieve some codes from it with a code reader.

A code reader can also test all your sensors and solenoids. If the vehicle won't start now it could be related to a few things I would first suspect a vacuum leak. Check all vacuum hoses for holes and use a pressure tester on the cylinders. I did some quick checks just to make sure this was going to be it. The thing now is that I recplaced it with a unit from the junk yard, the place said they had five and there are pcm 's that would work for my car. The engine runs perfect, but the tranny is sluggish on the low end and will not go into overdrive. The box says 95 escort but it could be for a 1.

Before this no issues with tranny. So my guess is to try another. Thanks AzTumbleweed You have more patience than I do. That's a big job! Just make a note of the part 95 escort heater core replacement on the one you took out and shop around. There are plenty of Escorts out there to get parts from. I'm in the middle of repairing my washing machine so I can't break off just now, but when I've finished, later, I'll post the wiring diagrams so you can see for yourself what I mean. The left defroster tube does not need to removed entirely but the upper screw will require removal.

Un-clip the vacum hose asembly from the heater box. No need to unplug any vacum hoses at this end of the job. I opened the clip a little with a screwdriver first. If you damage a vacum hose you have a new repair to do so be careful. Remove the lower core box nut on left side not shown and the two upper core box nots shown with nuts already off. Then, loosen the screw holding the band which secures the vent tube running from the AC unit. Note; the foam piece under the band on my car was distorted and in poor shape. Next, carefully shimmy the box out of the firewall and turn it upside down to access the core.

Mind you don't compromise the still attached vacum lines. Use a small screwdriver to break the seal on the firewall gasket and remove it. Note how it's oriented for proper re-isnatallation. Remove the three screws to the face plate which retains the heater core in the box. Two on one side and one on the opposite side. Pull the heater core out of the box. Hey, who's the dumb ss who broke the inlet tube? Wait a minute, that was me, never mind. My new core came with some adhesive backed foam stripping that required application. I cut out openings for the tubes and carefully applied the foam around the outside edge of the core.

Your new core should have the inlet tube marked.

95 Ford Escort, Heater core. How to?

Make sure to install the core with the inlet tube on the passenger side of the box and don't damage the radiator fins while handling it. Now re-attach the black box and dash in the opposite order. Re-attach the heater hoses as described above. Watch for the level in the radiator to drop as any air works it's way out of the cooling system. Top of the radiator as needed.