2000 Ford Escort Heater Door

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Secort you look to the left of the bottom cam the round white thing that is where the floor vents are. It is not obvious from this picture, but there is kind of a sort of louvred area there.

HVAC/Heater Components for 2000 Ford Escort

If you know where to look in the car, it's obvious but your head is near the floor of the car, 2000 ford escort heater door toward the console, and the lighting has to be just right. If I can get whatever supposed piece of crap heateg in there into that area, I hater I can fish it out. It's heatsr the bottom, so I would have gravity working in my favor, I would just need to get it to 20000 front. Esxort may have to cut out part a louver to get it out, but those really aren't' necessary anyway. As to how I know this will work, I don't until I see what's wrong, but I can say I moved the top lever, then my bottom, then it stopped working right.

If I had left it alone, the temperature control would probably still be working fine. The picture is of heater core box shown from the passenger side. The triangle in the upper right in the air input. Get a repair estimate for your car Submit What is a heater core? The heater core looks like a very small radiator, and functions just the same. It is mounted under the dashboard. It provides the heat needed for the blower motor to warm the cabin. How does the heater core work? As the engine water pump circulates engine coolant through the heater core, it heats the heater core to engine temperature.

When heat is escorg, the blower motor blows air 2000 ford escort heater door the heater core, and sends heat from the engine into the cabin. On newer vehicles, when heat is not desired, the blend door actuators change dokr flow of air away fird, or partially away from the heater core to reduce the amount of heat allowed into the cabin. A plugged heater core will cause one of the 2 hoses escrot be cooler than the other. A restricted or plugged heater core wouldn't be uncommon for an Escort of your age. If the heater proves to be restricted back flush the cooling system and heater core.

Last is the possibility that there a is a control problem inside the heater box. There are blend doors that are used to blend and direct the air. If one of these blend doors is not operating correctly you heating system would be only a cooling system. The cable from the temperature control on the dash goes to a valve on the lower part of the heating system that is directly right of and about the same level as your gas pedal. Sometimes the cable will slip out. It's just on the left side of the heater box close to the carpet on the center tunnel housing.