1998 Escort Zx2 Color Codes

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Often times, serious accidents result in airbag deployment.

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This will create confidence in shoppers both at the dealerships and on online listings sites. Confident shoppers buy used cars. Our VIN check will inform you of the number of records we have available for that particular vehicle. All reports last for 30 days and are visible through your personal login. Those who purchased a package have up to one year to redeem the report credits. This was not reported by the seller. Thanks, I got this information. Initially, the Escort was sold as a two-door saloon with circular front headlights and rubber flooring on the "De Luxe" model.

1998 Ford Escort

The "Super" model featured rectangular headlights, carpets, a cigar lighter colorr a water temperature gauge. A cc engine was also available in some export markets such as Italy sscort France. This tiny engine remained popular in Italy, where it was carried over for the Pretty cum slut girl Mark II, but in France it was discontinued during This version featured additional instrumentation with a tachometer, battery charge indicator, and codew pressure gauge.

The same tuned 1. Later, an "executive" version of the Escort was produced known as the 1998 escort zx2 color codes. This featured the same 13" road wheels and flared wings of the Sport, but was trimmed in an upmarket, for that time, fashion with wood trim on the dashboard and door cappings. A higher performance version for rallies and racing was available, the Escort Twin Cam, built for Group 2 international rallying. This engine had originally been developed for the Lotus Elan. The Escort, driven by Australian driver Frank Gardner went on to comfortably win the championship. The Mark I Escorts became successful as a rally car, and they eventually went on to become one of the most successful rally cars of all time.

This gave rise to the Escort Mexico cc "crossflow"-engined special edition road versions in honour of the rally car. Introduced in November10, Mexico Mark Is were built. As well as higher performance engines and sports suspension, these models featured bodyshells using additional strengthening panels in high stress areas making them more suitable for competition. This also clocked up some rally and racing victories; and pre-empted the hot hatch market as a desirable but affordable performance road car. Like the Mexico and RS, this car was produced at the Aveley plant.

The four-door sedan was added in