Yokosuka Escort

Ten troops and four crewmen are KIA. The ne damage to the sport was later assessed as being light. Departs Tateyama and later that day arrives at Tokyo. However, this sport was canceled before she had completed preparations to vain port as the tablet of Allied ships was on to be android.

He waits until YUZUKI passes yards across his stern then fires his six bow torpedoes at two Elite male escort transports and gets five hits. Five crewmen are KIA. Finally, the wreck is abandoned and sinks a few hours later. Dealey's crew counts Yokosuka escort depth depth charges dropped over the next five hours during which they reload all tubes. That night, Dealey closes to 1, yards of the convoy and fires four Mark A steam torpedoes at a transport, but they all run deep and pass under the target. Dealey makes another "end around" and submerges 12, yards ahead of the convoy. NE of the Marianas. AtLtCdr Merrill K.

Four men are KIA. AtLtCdr Raymond W. Johnson sets up for a visual attack on the surface. At arrives at Truk. The captain of CD is the convoy commander. The convoy anchors in Tateyama Bay for the night. That evening, the ships huddle together, facing into a strong northwest wind. The convoy departs Tateyama Bay and heads southward. The flag of the convoy is handed over to CD She and the rest of the convoy continue southward. At the time of entry into Futami Harbour, the convoy is shadowed by a lone B heavy-bomber. However, no attack develops. Soon after arrival, CD is detached and heads northward to Tokyo Bay. Atlookouts claim they see an enemy periscope.

CD remains in the area for a few hours conducting a sweep. Finally, atan underwater contact is made and a depth charge attack begun. A sinking is claimed.

Japan destroyer leaves port reportedly to escort US warships

The identity of the submarine, if there was one, remains unknown. Ata esort is gained on an unknown vessel, excort 3, metres. As Yokosuka escort draws closer, the conclusion is drawn that it is a surfaced enemy submarine. The aircraft which reached the Tokyo area struck airfields north of the city and caused little damage. Conditions improved during the morning, and at A smaller number of American aircraft were also dispatched to raid Japanese air fields.

escrot Following this, the aircraft of VF attacked Nagato with bombs. In addition, 60 bombs landed in the harbor near Nagato, causing breaches to her double hull which let 2, tons of water into the ship. By the time the attack concluded at 4: