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It is open 6 days a week closed on Tuesday from 8pm until 4am and there is no charge to enter. Buying Sex in Tokyo Prostitution is illegal in Tokyo, but the laws are not very straightforward and there are plenty of ways around them.

Tokyo, Japan

Gay Bars In Tokyo Arty Farty is the hippest gay bar on the Tokyo scene, the place to be for all fun-loving men who want to discard their inhibitions for the night and have some fun. Kinswomyn is popular with locals Tokyo gay escort tourists alike and everyone from the lesbian community is welcome here, so pull up a seat and get to meet the locals as you enjoy some cocktails or a few cold beers. All over the city you can pay girls to give you pleasure by rubbing up against you, giving you hand-jobs and blow jobs, and even providing anal sex. All of them have webcams and all of them can be accessed for free. Mistress Satomi also operates outside of Tokyo, and providing that you can pay her travel expenses she will even fly out of the country to meet you.