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The prices are generally around e for a minute quickie. There are plenty of brothels in Brussels but those are the most reliable. You can also go to the Aarschotstraat red light district in Brussels and find many more brothels. This is kind of a sketchy area, as most red light districts tend to be, but if you get in and get out quickly you should be fine. Most of the girls there seem to be Romanian or Albanian. There is a main strip you walk down but there are other rooms in the back as well. If you wanted to find freelance prostitutes outside of brothels a good area of town to go to would be Schaerbeek. You can also try meeting hookers online at Afspraakjes escort site, find other escort services through Google, or call girls will be active on dating apps like Tinder or Badoo.

Here you will find lots of nightlife plus many university girls around. Girls are always going to be more open to coming to a guys apartment.