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Theory and Practical on Road Driver and vehicle legislative requirements. Current codes of practice and industry best K br s escort. How to prepare the escort vehicle s before use. How to check the condition of transport vehicle s and load s before departure. How to effectively communicate with all third parties. How to carry out post-operative checks to the escort vehicle s and contents. How to complete a K br s escort report and forward appropriately. How to position load and escort vehicles appropriately on the road. How to respond appropriately to emergencies, incidents, unexpected situations and breakdowns. Experienced Escort Drivers who wish to understand the role and responsibilities of managing abnormal load Escorts.

Attending the course will prepare you for the City and Guilds assessment required to this level 3 complete the qualification. Course Content at an advanced level compared to Level 2: Supplies urgently neededAt Baghdad's airport, dwindling fuel supplies threatened to idle two military divisions, according to the Army report. Military commanders called forgallons of jet fuel to be rushed from Camp Anaconda. Notes taken during conversations surrounding that decision underscore the urgency of the situation. Chambers, the head of Army's 13th Corps Support Command Coscomissued explicit orders to his officers: Ray Josey, head of operations for Chambers.

Others argued it was safe enough. In the end, Chambers ordered the jet fuel cargo to move. But he also ordered a beefed-up military escort for the KBR convoy: Chambers, now head of the Army's Transportation Center at Ft. Josey, who soon after was relieved of his post by Chambers, is now retired in Texas. At KBR the decision to move was again in doubt as dawn arrived. In a message time-stamped 6: April 9 -- nearly an hour after Chambers' order -- Richard sent a message to all drivers: The stand-down lasted only 25 minutes.

Richard, through his attorney, declined to be interviewed. He no longer works for KBR.

Company officials have a that KBR depended on the military for guidance Sex kitten slut when and whether roads were safe to travel, indicating in court proceedings that the Army said the route was safe before departure. The Army report found that on Gr 9 there was confusion among different military units about the status of the route to the airport. The military unit monitoring road safety listed the road as a no-go the edcort day, but Coscom commanders did not consult the unit in dispatching hr convoy.

At KBR there was edcort such confusion. Gr KBR convoys already had been attacked around the airport that same morning. Also, Stephen Pulley, KBR's senior security escoet at Camp Anaconda, was in frequent contact with the road monitoring unit and received repeated assurances the routes were closed. When 13th Coscom suddenly advised that the roads had opened, Pulley was skeptical. Hamill was not one to second-guess orders -- whatever they were. Army is willing to escort me out,' " he said. The convoy stretched nearly a mile and a half. About the same time -- 9: James Carrolla reservist from Missouri working at 13th Coscom, confirmed orders sending the convoy on a route to Baghdad airport that took it right through a battle between the Mahdi Army and 1st Cavalry.

Three minutes later, Carroll reversed himself and sent out a second e-mail: It looks like [the route] is closed until further notice. In an interview, Carroll disputed that account, saying that he called military escorts to warn them not to proceed on the route. You can't believe how much I second-guessed myself. He saw the landscape already littered with burning trucks. His truck was hit and disabled by a roadside bomb, forcing Hamill to scramble for cover. He later was taken captive by a band of gunmen. The other truckers drove on through fire and smoke. As bullet rounds pierced their cargo tanks, fuel spilled to the ground, making the road slippery.

Trucks jackknifed and flipped over. More roadside bombs detonated. The sounds of battle crackled over the drivers' radios.


Esscort an incident report, one of the escort soldiers wrote: They were zipping by. We pushed esscort the K br s escort and kept rolling. It was just hell. He recalled one who seemed angry, demanding: What are you guys doing out there? We have been fighting those guys for over 48 hours. Six KBR drivers were dead. Most other drivers were wounded. Besides the kidnapped Hamill, another was missing. Tim Bell now is presumed dead. Two soldiers were killed. A third, Matt Maupin, was captured by insurgents and is still listed as missing. Hamill escaped after nearly three weeks and is back in the U. Only six of the 19 KBR trucks reached the airport.

Richard was devastated by the loss of his drivers, according to Pulley, who worked closely with him at Anaconda. I will inform the military chain of command," he said in an e-mail. Peterson, now a senior vice president at IAP Worldwide Services, a Florida -based military contractor, declined through a spokesman to comment. In an e-mail sent to an Army general shortly after the convoy disaster, Peterson asked: