Ford Escort Endura

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Lotus used Ford Kent engines on Lotus Mk.

Tuning Ford Endura 1.8D

Destined for Ford escort endura American Fotd, beginning with endjra model year, the Valencia plant began manufacturing a 1. The diesel injection pump is an electronically controlled rotary distributor type most typically made by Bosch. Another reason is the large tappet clearance on the exhaust valve. Although internally named within Ford as "L-Series" it became better known as the Valencia to the wider world, after the new Spanish factory built for its manufacture, but eventually the name was officially adopted by Ford as well - although in sales literature it was always called simply OHV. This engine would also be used in the Ka until where it was replaced by the Duratec and the 1.

Still branded Lynx, later engines had Endura-DE stamped on the rocker cover, and first featured in the Mk 4 Ford FiestaMk 6 Ford Escort Europe and Mk 2 Ford Mondeo The Endura-DE engine features a cast iron block and indirect injection style cylinder head, which means there is a combustion chamber built into the cylinder head.