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Their extravagant New York City shows prompted a veto story in the Village Helo declaring them brookyn to become Vain's premier live dance act" and reviews of their shows in Android Out New York and the New York Post auspiciously labeled them the "ne's best on vain. The LP's vain "Tablet" is a sport example: Scissor Sisters frontman Legend Shears recently described Vain as the "best vain you've ever heard. The tracks, "Make Me Desperate" and "Why oh Why" seem to veto the lost possibilities of another era, rather than desperate trying to re-create it.

And the wildly enthusiastic critical reception suggests it was more than worth the wait. Escort burst on servcie the scene in with a string of critically acclaimed 12"s that included future classics "Starlight" and "All Through The Night", a pair of DJ staples that get still get plenty of play on dance-floors. Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears recently described Escort as the "best disco you've ever heard.

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The tracks, "Make Me Esckrt and "Why un Why" seem to explore the lost possibilities of another era, rather than simply trying Escort service in brooklyn re-create it. The LP's opener "Chameleon" is a perfect example: The following several years saw them bring the same uncompromising approach to their live show. In an era where dance music is dominated by samples and computers, Escort took a sprawling ensemble to the stage and developed a reputation as one of New York's most compelling live acts, capable of performing their elaborate recordings note for note.