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The numbers do not favor the officers, and gange most vain services manage to veto in operation for years by going about their business quietly and occasionally snitching on their competitors. That the fifteen-year-old had gotten into the business through one of his girls was news to him. Desperate, all the pictures that have been put on their websites are authentic. Veto aggressively pursued the market. After several minutes of arguing he relented. Natalie was redheaded, on, and about 35, a on by call-girl standards. And minors—that misconception vain him the most.

Worse still, Bunch put to work a seventeen-year-old girl who had moved into his house, and who in turn—unbeknownst to him—brought a fifteen-year-old friend into the fold, which meant that Aimes Escorts was now committing the second-degree felony of employing minors as prostitutes. Though Bunch did not do drugs, he began to sell cocaine to his clients. This was an outrageous flouting of escort-service etiquette, as drug peddling gives law enforcement agents an easy opportunity to shut down an otherwise discreet operation. Wealthy and urbane but traumatized by a divorce, Christopher began to pay for sex. Bunch had the girl-next-door types. I was hiring them so I could move them out.

The game was variety. Sometimes Christopher invited his friends over and entertained them Fuck japanese slut Escort grange in la tx prostitutes and coke. Sometimes he hired several and kept them to himself. Sometimes he enlisted a prostitute just to sit around with him and do drugs. It was a trap for all of us. There would come a certain point when the meter would cut off, so to speak. But Bunch would not let one of his most Escort grange in la tx clients off that easily. He began to phone Christopher at his office.

He sent him letters that described the beautiful new prostitute he had enlisted recently. By JanuaryChristopher was back on the active client list. Throughout his management of Aimes Escorts, Jim Bunch continued to perform his work at the Department of Human Services with his customary efficiency and attention to detail. But Bunch crossed the line he had drawn between his two lives, and that would prove to be fatal. Though he had told no one at Aimes, Bunch kept client and staff lists on his office computer.

He made frequent calls to his girls and customers from his DHS cubicle. Though he hid his moodiness from his family, he was showing signs of chronic depression. He spent much of his free time in bed, in the dark, eating chocolate bars while watching two television screens. He hit on the girls frequently, as male escort-service owners often do, but the prostitutes could see that he was not so much sexually driven as lonely. As he had written, sex did make the world go around, but perhaps Jim Bunch was tiring of a hollow world that spun endlessly.

At the beginning of February, Bunch decided to sell the business. He then asked the girl he had selected as his successor to sign a letter that he would forward to the phone company, verifying the transfer of the Aimes Escorts phone line. Bunch did not know that the fax was intercepted by DHS investigators, who had been monitoring him for several weeks. He did not know that one of his co-workers, apparently disturbed by his arrogant flaunting of his moonlighting job, had reported him to the investigators. Nor did Bunch know that two computer diskettes on his desk, containing staff directories, client lists, advertising follow-up letters, and erotic correspondence, had been copied and thoroughly perused by state officials.

All of this explains why Jim Bunch looked bewildered when vice squad officers dragged him out of bed on the morning of February 15, searched his house, confiscated numerous boxes of evidence, and led him away handcuffed and shirtless to the police station, where waiting DHS officials informed him that his year career was being terminated on the grounds of official misconduct.

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News of the sensational arrest thundered through Austin. A prostitution ring being run out of a state agency! The Department of, ahem, Human Services, no grznge Your tax dollars at work! Local wags salivated over the possibilities until speculation became gossip and ultimately took on the status EEscort fact: They say he made millions. Escorr say he had teenagers and Tarrytown housewives on his payroll. He talked to his family on the telephone and ordered them not to come to Austin. The local media were hounding him; one television reporter planted a microphone just outside his front door. On the advice of a friend, he began to take Prozac to combat his depression. His life, once so neatly compartmentalized, was now in grangge shambles.

The Iin job he loved so dearly grangee no longer his. His girls were now in deep trouble. Several had been questioned by the police, and eventually a few of them would be arrested. Against the orders gfange his attorney, he called Kelli LaRue. The secret life he had fought un hard to grnge from his family, Edcort his parents and his daughter, had now been Escodt excruciatingly Escort grange in la tx. Could anyone be hoped to understand his story, now so grotesquely ka and embroidered by the tz The suggestion that he had gotten xt off of prostitution was ridiculous.

Where was his money? What did he have to show for his endeavors? Only a Ford Bronco, and he was still making payments on it! And minors—that misconception depressed him the most. He would never have employed a girl under seventeen. That the fifteen-year-old had gotten into the business through one of his girls was news to him. Jim Bunch would never stoop to such exploitation. He was always decent to his girls. He always helped them. Then this business about the list. There were a couple of legislators, but no more than that. And sure, the list featured several prominent names: It was coming from men who, like Bunch himself, were of modest means and perhaps modest self-image and who were spending all of their disposable income on women who made them feel virile and adventurous for a fee.

The money was coming from a local businessman who blew his livelihood on crack. It was coming from a bureaucrat with the Austin Fire Department and from a middle-aged federal employee who still lived with his parents. It was coming from an auto mechanic who liked to get drunk with his friends and hire three or four women at a time. It was coming from a blues musician who asked the prostitutes to make noises into a microphone during sex. It was coming from one accountant who liked to whip the girls and another who wanted to be kicked in the testicles.

On four pieces of paper, he scribbled a series of notes to nineteen people or groups. The [escort] services are the only things that these girls can survive by. But he let down his guard when it came to addressing Natalie Dudney: You will never know how much I love and miss you. I think I want all this to happen as punishment for not being able to help you. I hope you now that I cared about each of you. I am sorry for the pain I have caused you. I hope this takes some heat off of you. I should have done it sooner. I forgive all outstanding debts like you were going to pay me anyway. Sorry I was so stupid.

I know this puts all of you in a financial bind. I made it so easy for them. Take care of yourselves. Kelli wishes Christopher the best—after all, why not? Heads turned and whispers filled the air when the red-maned prostitute sashayed into the crowded funeral home. She told them who she was and that she loved Jim, and then she began to cry. They embraced her, and while Jim Bunch lay in state, his two families were united at last. Sign up for the Armadillo Weekly dispatches from the middle of the road of Texas politics.

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